more attendance?

ok here we go ....Want more fans in the stands? h
How can a parent with 1,2,3, kids etc even afford to go to a game with the rediculous prices for food,water @ $.3.25 bottle,$4.50 for a hot dog etc. My suggestion is to allow parents to come with a clear plastic bag with a pop,bag of chips for each child an maybe 1 bag of candy. Even if the tickets were free lots can't afford the cost of snacks. In my opinion alot of parents stay away because of the high cost over an above the ticket prices. The kids are our future fans of the CFL, by allowing these liberties at the gate maybe it would make a huge difference in our numbers.

Stadium prices are bad everywhere you go. It was much worse when we went into Rogers Centre for the Cats game.

I know the Cats did a special meal vouchers for families as part of the promotion for the retro game.

I have no idea why bottled water isn't allowed. Its a stupid policy. Realistically if you were allowed to bring in one food item it wouldn't hurt the concessions at all. Its embarrassing to have to watch the overzealous security at the gates. I can tell you first hand this policy is creating bitterness with fans coming in.

Tailgate. It's cheaper and the kids will have more fun.

Agreed exceptions should be made for families. After all we are trying to promote a family environment. After all a family is forking out on tickets parking etc about 150+ to the team. I see no harm in allowing them to bring in a few snacks like juice boxes, fruit snacks, and snack sized treats like chips etc. Bob you want families out make it affordable for them. i agree limit what a group of adults can bring in they only have to take care of themselves, but little kids can;t allow the hard working families who want to give their kids some entertainment a break.

Eat before you come.

Sneak some snacks in your back pocket.

If you don't like the prices, don't buy.

The way I look at it is that it's a nite out, so treat yourself. You don't do it everyday. But it's nice that you don't have to bring anything, lug it in, hide it, etc.

When you take kids to the game, they of course want to eat something. In the end though, it's your choice.

Hey if you want to see this team be successful and stay in Hamilton BUY at the game!!
With crowds of around 20,000 the club has to make up the revenue somewhere. Don't eat at home buy at the game, buy 7 or 8 beers the money goes to the club they need it to survive.

Problem is that I know people that can't afford more than tickets. Do we really want to shut them out? A family of 4 is a pricey outing without the concession bandits. I'd rather see them let the families bring in a single item per child and have them buy souvenirs instead

It should be illegal for them to prevent people from bringing in their own water. I can see with everything else (pop, juice, peanuts, popcorn) but water come on are we really that cheap that someone bringing in a bottle of water will make or break our income. It's water for christ's sake.

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I DO understand the fact that our area has been hard hit by the economy, and I bet the Cats understand as well. This is happening all over...last night, for the first time since WW2, the Notre Dame-Purdue game at Purdue was NOT sold out, and a friend that teaches at Purdue tells me the area has been hit hard (mid-Indiana)....Jacksonville's NFL team is predicint NO sell-outs this year, and Jaxville is a pretty blue-collar poor attendance due to the economy is becoming the rule.

I ALSO understand the issue of families and costs, etc...but Commonwealth in Edmonton has same rules about bringing stuff in and the same prices (give or take a quarter or so here and there) and 62,000-plus showed up there last night.

Maybe the answer is saying "no" to the kids' requests for pop, water, hot dogs, etc...had my nephew with me on Friday, and told him he had one purchase to make - one, water, pop, whatever...and after that no more...he was quiet and watched the game.

Bottom-line is, these guys are running a business, and if they are rolling in dough because of these prices, it's not apparent. As sports go, this is still one of the BIGGEST bargains around, and I do understand those that struggle to pay the prices...

The no food policy is costing ticket sales. Thats the bottom line. As a front line worker I can tell you for a fact the policy is wildly unpopular and is driving away repeat buisness

It's the same at hockey games...movies....everywhere....they have an obligation to the concessions...but I do think the security is's okay for it to be a rule, but don't strip search people looking for a bottle of water or a box a smarties!

8) Were you strip searched, or do you know any one who has been at a TiCat game ??? :roll:

Yes, I was. By a lady guard. She was very unprofessional and inappropriate. :oops:

I don't think anyone believes for a second the silly strip search statement but who knows....

There's 3 parties involved in any concession related decisions, the team, the concession operators and the city, so my question is, has anyone doing complaining in this thread bothered to contact either of the other two parties involved to complain to them?
Im sure the team would appreciate any insight as to how to sign a concessions contract and tell them fans will be allowed to bring in 1 item each, that should get a real quality outfit doing the food sales.

As for the overzealous security, with the recent stabbing at a Calgary game be prepared for it to get a lot worse before it gets what a few here might consider better.

you can bring your own food into skydome. ive done it with hotdogs and peanuts. its also true at many american ballparks, baltimore and st louis for example, you can bring in water, pop etc. as long as its not in a glass bottle or a can. you can even bring in a cooler as long as its the collapsable kind. i dont see why it should be any different at IWS. especially the water part. you should be able to bring sealed water pretty much anywhere you go.

Yeah, I thought I was in the clear when I walked into the last Cats game. But, a keen security guard at the Balsam gate saw my facial contortions and sweating. Of course, they performed a pat-down and, still, found nothing.

But, their cavity search cost me my two bottles of water, pack of gum and Snickers bar. Probably for the best -- was feeling pretty woozy.

So, I ended up shelling out $10 bucks on concessions.

Sorry...these 'concession price' arguments get more rediculous by the minute. Are we, as a society, that dependant on beer and hotdogs that we can't go 2 hours and 40 minutes without them? They're luxury items -- not required for survival. I'll usually buy a beer and/or a pop...possibly a water.

I would support a move to allow people to bring in a bottle of water --- I guess. There are drinking fountains in the stadium...I've re-hydrated at them many times. Bottled water creates a lot of waste -- unless its in a non-disposable bottle. Perhaps that should be the rule. 'Bring in up to a litre of water in a hard-plastic, non-disposable bottle'. I'd be game for less safe than Tall Boys and wouldn't infringe on the water suppliers rights to supply the fans bottled water.

We need to allow water AND fresh fruits they don't offer. The current policy is a hardship on diabetics and creates a health risk. As for the hot dogs candy bars and the like the team is correct but ease up on the security a bit and allow people to get in in a timely fashion

Ok....enough is enough with attendance and prices....yes prices are steep and it does cost a family quite a bit to go to a game....but I bet that family that canot afford going to a game says the same about a dinner and a movie or going to a hockey game or to The Science Centre, etc......

you make a choice save and go or not!!!! The fact that prices at concessions are ridiculous does not prevent people from coming to a game -- steeper ticket prices maybe. BUT I did not see an influx of people eating hotdogs or ateendance at the RETRO Game when the costs for a meal for a family of four was $20.00 I believe and tickets were $8.00. Further thta, I have a 12 year old Type 1 dieabetic child. I think I am sure I read somewhere I could make arrangements with Ticat management to allow her to bring some neccessary food items if needed. However, we opt to buy one snack at the game (fries, ice cream - all under $5.00), as a parent I forgo a beer, pop or hotdog and spend the $5.00 on my child and I eat when i get home or before I go.....

face it, Hamilton and surrounding area has about 16000 - 18000 hardcore Ticat fans. It has nothing to do with the price, winning, losing or blackouts - that is al the Ticat fans around. I rememebr in 2000 the years after the Grey Cup win we had 20 000 at opening day and attendance dwindles throughout. If we do not "paper" the place we will and always had an average of 18000 - 20000 in the building.