More 2010 Draft Talk

I know we pick 6th in the first round, twice in the fourth and once in the sixth, should Mack consider trading up to a higher pick or two since this draft is the best in a long time, i would like to see one or more of the following drafted:

Cory Greenwood (LB)
Shomari Williams (LB)
Akeem Foster (WR)
Joash Gesse (LB)
Joe Eppele (OL)
Eddie Steele (DT)
Taurean Allen (DB) Second fastest in the 40 yard dash at ECAMP
Chima Ihekwoaba (DE)
Steven Turner (WR) Fastest player at ECAMP in the 4o yard dash and best in the vertical leap

......i'd like to see us grab Steele......he'd be a great fit for the Bombers....very talented local kid....IF we're using the standard of 'best player available'...he's right up there....It's going to be a tough decision .....this particular draft is loaded with great prospects... :rockin: :thup:

When Winnipeg selects/drafts, players such as Steele,Foster,Allen and Turner will,most probably, still be available; unless BC selects him,Joash Gesse will also be available.

I say that Winnipeg will draft Gesse if available; if not, it will/should be Steele who is only 21 years old.-one of the youngest player in the draft- They could also be tempted by a receiver,if Arthur does not "recuperate" well.-based on today's papers/writings it is going well.