Moratorium on NFL/Tor. Threads.?

Anyone else sick of all this talk? What's worse is it distracts from the purpose of this site which is TC football.

If we are all truly confident in what the Cats and the CFL delivers and represents why waste time and appear so insecure? People who dont care about us or CDN football are watching how we react.

Your right then we can have more time to whine about season tickets day after day, day in day out.

[quote="Weedman"]Your right then we can have more time to whine about season tickets day after day, day in day out.[/quot

FA time is just around the corner. The whines will turn to who we lost or who we didnt get.

Still beats losing sleep over what happens or doesnt happen five + years from now.

We have a long way to go to break a record....

When Ozzy retired, i believe we counted 24 or 26 "Ozzy" threads......hahaha

It's all fun cures Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) that some of us feel at this time of year


(personally, I just skip over threads whose titles don't pique my seems to work for me anyhow) 8)

At least the Ozzy issue was about Tiger-Cat football.

Needlessy fretting , noodling and passing on third hand info. and opinions over an issue that wont resolve itself for years robs fans who truly care about the sport and the team and hate the noisy, media-driven distractions.

These threads should all be merged into one huge, gigantic, colossal thread. What an opportunity to create the 'Mother of all threads'.

As has been said, this will not have a conclusion for at least 5 years. During that whole time, opinions will change depending on developments, on attendance figures, on the calibre of the games, and on media coverage.

But, there will still be no final act. We could keep it going to new record heights, or let it languish during our CFL season, then resurrect it in late November, and start bashing again. This could be our own Groundhog Day, recurring annually, piquing our interest, but proving nothing.

Also, knowing that the thread would return after a short absence would give us a chance to organize our thoughts, write sensible comments, and really add to the intelligent argument. (Sorry, that just popped out. That may be too much to hope for.)

Anyway, barring a total collapse of the whole scheme, it's going to be with us. We may as well recognize that, and get some enjoyment from it.

I beg to differ.....I think it's hugely important and helpful that all of us CFL fans have an opportunity to voice our opinions on such a huge matter that could affect the CFL nationally and the Tiger-Cats/Argonauts regionally.

It's a great thing that we are all afforded the opportunity these days to express our frustrations/concerns so easily and in many cases, like the Ticats forums in particular, the "powers that be" actually read it and take our thoughts under advisement at least...there's nothing worse than having our thoughts all bottled up with nobody in positions of power to at least hear them and take some mental notes at the very least.

I love this relatively recent avenue we have called the love to dicuss current issues and that's what most of us are doing.....the Buffalo/Toronto/CFL thingy this past week is worthy of discussion I will die down shortly as most things do.......but at least most feel good that they were able to jump into the discussion and express themselves....

An old Chinese Proverb says:

"May you live in interesting times"


Edit to Add:

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Al Gore for "inventing" the internet :wink: :lol:

AH! Before I posted this, the top 4 threads on the forum were all NFL/Argo/Bills related:(.

The Cats could always sign, or trade for, a known entity at the WR or DB position. That would provide a distraction large enough to put the Bills thing on the shelf for a few days.

Or those so inclined could always find some other poster to accuse of being Mikey03 - those posts are always among the most CFL football/Ticat relevant ones on the board.

I have a simple solution for those tired of the NFL threads. Don't read them

This is a loaded poll. There is no option for continuing to discuss the matter using as many threads as is needed.

I think I'll start a poll on the uselessness of loaded polls.

Anyone care to play "Spot the agenda?"


To be honest I did try to provide that choice but I think I made the question too long. It was something like
"NO, I love the never ending number of threads all addressing the same thing and the posting of long articles (instead of a simple link), Keep them coming"

Irrelevent now, with the vital question of marching bands and all...

I am encouraged that people
ARE NOT sick of this talk, Zontar.

If people who don't care about us
or Canadian football are watching

or reading our thoughts about it
then, that is a good thing.

I want a vibrant and successful CFL.

This is our country.

If the NFL wants to do business here
it better work with the CFL so that
that end can be achieved, IMO.

This is a very vital topic of discussion.

It is a godsend that we now have the internet
to enter and contribute to public discussions.

it is very important that we CFL fans
get our thoughts out there on this
Toronto/Bills/NFL intrusion into Canada

and react to developments as they progress.

I know one owner who takes note of our thoughts.

:D :thup:

Ron, not suggesting the "talk" be stopped or shut down the discussion.
Just suggesting they either merge the threads instead of constantly creating new ones or give it it's own forum etc.

Well, we could always break up the monotony by starting a "Jamie Boreham gets his name on the Grey Cup" thread..... :wink:

Or a new expansion thread........

No, that would be in the category of "life isnt fair" or "miracles do happen" etc.

would be bringing up how he was statistically dead last in punting again for the fourth straight season. But I promise not to bring that up.

all posts and threads regarding the NFL, the NFL in Canada, and the NFL's impact on the CFL should be emidiately moved to "football (other leagues)" by moderators. Including existing ones.

I'm tired of this dribble.

infact, I think i will start posting requests to the mods to do this each time i see one of these threads pop up.

I would encourage everyone else to do the same.