Moratorium on armchair GM trading...whaddya say? LOL

Dear Fellow Armchair GMs on

May I humbly suggest a few things?

  1. This team should continue to develop the roster it has. Tweak as Obie and co. should, but the idea that we should be dealing guys left and right every week is a non-starter.

1A) Chang isn't going to Saskatchewan anytime soon after Durrant's game today. Okay? Chang has third-or-fourth QB value as trade bait. You can't get a starting DT for Chang and a tractor-trailer load of Hawaiian Punch, okay? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

  1. Do not trade Terry Caulley. Lumsden has had a history of injury problems. We need all the depth we can at tailback. Duh.

  2. Do not trade Richie Williams for the same reason re Printers.

  3. NFL training camps and the CFL waiver wire should lead to some attractive free agents become available between now and Labour Day. Elijah Thurmon is one example of someone potentially available out of Montreal unless he kept on the Als reserve list. The Cats do not have to deal assets to add to the club. Simply maintaining the scouting staff's work and having Obie and Rambo work the phones will lead to guys coming through to Tigertown.

  4. Samuel Giguere will be the biggest acquisition for the team this year in the medium to long term if he is released by the Colts. His upside is that big. His immediate impact if secured will be significant as well. Patience, folks!

That's the recipe I think the team needs to keep following. Addition by addition, not addition by subtraction. We need better pass rush and another impact receiver (Bauman did very well today!)...but the other aspects of the roster are shaping up quite well.

We've made the other teams in this league better at our net expense for too long. Developing this roster will pay dividends.

Oski Wee Wee,

On this we can agree. The team needs to stay the course. The shame is that it took 5 years to figure it out, but I agree. It's also assumed that we don't compete for a playoff spot and average attendance will be less than 20,000 per game. As long as the team is cool with that we can channel surf until next year.

All good points, Russ. The team needs to have depth. And even though Lumsden and Smith give us good depth at RB, either Caulley and Smith would be good to have on special teams.

Great observations - I fully agree we need a Pass Rush and a Safety!

Exactly how great franchises build successful teams.

Couldn't agree more Russ. It's a progression. I like the addition by addition analogy. Hello Marcel are you there?

The good CFL teams have depth at the positions their Canadians play. I think the O-line is decent there and with Woodcock exceeding my expectations and the promising trio of Bauman, Lavigne-Masse and potentially Guigere by next year the team could be starting 2 Canadians at receiver. Same thing with Barker, his injury really sets back his development but fingers crossed, after a year under his belt in 2009 he could be the starting safety in 2010. The team really needs either a quality Canadian starter or backup on the D-line and a backup for Lumsden (maybe Stephenson or Sadheghian) not a typical Canadian fullback. A Smith and Caulley backfield wouldn't be that big of a drop off at that position but where do you add the extra Canadian (Wayne or Reid at DT, Beveridge at Safety or Bauman at receiver)?

As the last placed team last year we get first crack off of the waiver wire and the Obie/Rambo bird-dogging should pay dividends after the NFL cuts. I can live with this team as I see a competitive progression; we don't need a radical shakeup.

This coming from the guy who had Setta on the bus outta town after the 1st Quarter

Russ, I have always enjoyed your posts and respected your opinions, but you have outdone yourself on this one. 100% bang on! :thup:

What I like to see... people staying positive. Good post Russ!

This team has gelled. I'm not going to say THEY'RE GOING TO GEL. They already have gelled. They've proved it the past two games. I predict 8 wins this year. Probably a playoff spot.

Bob's 5 year plan starts now! :wink: :smiley:

Nice post Russ

  1. Samuel Giguere will be the biggest acquisition for the team this year in the medium to long term if he is released by the Colts. His upside is that big. His immediate impact if secured will be significant as well. Patience, folks!
    could not agree with more !

I Really think our Biggest Find was Tre Smith
Who be could be up for a Rookie of year
Not only is Tre a good KR
He is just as good RB as Well.
He is a Great Kid
That Has Great character to go with it

Obie will find us some Help
They said they Did not Want another Air Lift like last year
They wanted Find The Bulk of our Team in Camp.
They Did that.
A few more Peaces and well be done.

Very Proud of our Effort so Far.

Not only is Tre a goof well thats kinda of a harsh statment lol

Typo I fixed it..

Great post Russ :thup: