It has been a strange year in that the Most Outstanding Player Award which is usually dominated by quarterbacks will likely see no quarterback given serious consideration. There really are only 2 quarterbacks (Burris and Reilly) likely to get their teams nomination although I personally would give Stamps the nod from Edmonton, It most likely will be Reilly.

One other possible anomoly is that if I were choosing the team MOP's I would pick two maybe three defensive players, Cox and Bighill as their teams MOP's and Hall should be Winnipeg's but do you pick a guy that is not on your team now (interesting that the stats page still lists Hall from Winnipeg).

My picks:

B.C. - Bighill
Calgary - Cornish
Edmonton - Stamps
Saskatchewan - Dressler (I know it will be Sheets but I would pick Dressler)
Winnipeg - Hall
Hamilton - Burris
Toronto - Owens
Montreal - Cox

Cornish has this one in the bag.

Very rare to have a defensive player win MOP since DPOW is the award for them. I, too, would be very surprised if Cornish didn't win MOP.

They won't win, just saying that in my opinion the defensive guys I named are their teams most outstanding players.

No player has ever won the MOP playing primarily on the defensive side of scrimmage. There are a few early winners that played both ways, including: Billy vessels, Jackie Parker, Hal Patterson and I believe the most recent 2 way player, Garney Henley.

if Cornish wins MOP does he automatically win top canadian?

What concerns me is that some of the voters may take the approach that because Cornish will win the Top Canadian they may not want to give him 2 awards and will vote for Sheets to spread things around.

yea at this stage of the season I would have to say Cornish does have it.

if Sheets had stayed healthy and never missed any playing time, and the Riders would have won a couple of those games that they lost, then Sheets would have been my first choice.

Cornish may be the MOP, but I think the MVP would have to be Burris.
The Stamps could win without Cornish, they just step up their passing game. Same with Sheets.
But the Ticats need Burris he is the most valuable player to his team.
The award announcements should always be made after the playoffs when we see what these players have done for their teams.

The same Burris who was pulled out of games multiple times this year ? LOL!
Do you even watch the games ?

The same could be said about Mike Reily but he's no MOP either. The award is given a few days before the Grey Cup so they do take into account the playoff games played up until that point.

actually you're wrong.

the CFL players Awards have been decided before the Playoffs begin.

don't you remember that they have the Division nominees out to the media and the media votes and then in a week or so you see the finalists the media then votes and we find out who wins during Grey Cup Weekend.

the only award that is decided after playoffs is the Coach of the year.

Correct, all votes are submitted prior to the playoffs.

Give it to Cornish. Having a Canadian-born player win this thing would be huge for our league. Was the last Canadian-born player to win it Russ Jackson maybe?

After yesterday's melt down by sheets, Cornish, hands down !!

Right ! Let's give the MVP to a QB who LEADS the league in interceptions and has been pulled from multiple games.

Cornish. Had Ray stayed healthy he would have my vote. The guy's numbers have been through the roof when he is healthy.

Your missing the point. Most Outstanding Player is what we have in the CFL which is why Burris isn't in the equation. I'll take Ray and his injury shortened season over Burris's inconsistent season for MOP in the east. Most Valuable Player is not necessarily the best, just the player most valuable to his team. And you have to admit, warts and all, Hamilton is fighting for last with the Bombers if not for Burris. His play early in the year was the only thing that had them in playoff talk.

Cornish, Sheets, Ray, Stamps and even Cox have had better seasons, but none has been as important to his teams success as Burris to the Ti-Cats.