Who would you give it to? Calvillo, Richardson or Whitaker? Is there anyone else in the league this year that has been as dominant as those 3? Lulay has shown that he’s a star, but I dont think he falls into the categorie of those 3 guys.

To me, there is no question Calvillo is the choice; without him, we would not be in first place. Richardson and Whitaker are important/valuable players but Calvillo is the best/most important/valuable. His competition,from the West, will/should be Lulay.

This week,he should be the offensive player; Anwar Stewart could be defensive player,Larry Taylor special team player and Missam canadian player


they should do like the 1981 world series mvp and just give it to all 3. :wink:

To me, you can make a legitimate case for any of the three.


I can see Whitaker and Richardson
But Calvillo has been wildly inconsistent this year
As a consequence the Alouettes have been fighting
(and continue to fight)
Just to have a home playoff game this season

I understand getting all wooshy about Calvillo's record breaking
But this is definitely far from AC's best year
And the team has suffered as a consequence
Despite the impressive stats

No doubt those who don't follow the Alouettes as closely would consider AC
As a matter of course
But I'm surprised that so many here would be taken away
By the hype and hoopla
And not make a more reasoned appraisal

Calvillo leads the league in passing yards, TDs, least INTs, best TD-to-INT ratio, quarterback rating, yards per game, and number of 300-yard games. He is still the league's best quarterback, regardless of his own struggles. He is a legitimate MOP candidate. Whether he deserves it over Richardson or Whitaker is another discussion entirely. My vote would go to Whitaker, personally. Guy has done it all on the ground, in the air, and in the blocking department, consistently, all year long.

I would think McCallum would get Special Teams Player. The last-minute kick was pretty amazing, and from 53 yards out with no wind to boot. Plus, he's got a record-breaker if you aren't swayed by the last-second winner.

I was thinking of making a thread like this as well. Im inclined to give the nod to Calvillo just because of the difficulty of the position he plays and how well he's played this year and how crucial he is to the team. If it was going based on who I think has had the most outstanding year I would say Richardson because he is in a position now that if he did not play another game all season he would still finish with the most receiving yards in the league or at worst a very close second to a very hot Geroy Simon. If I was going solely on their importance to the team I would say Whitaker because all but one of our wins have come when we give him 10 or more carries and we have yet to lose a game where we give him 10 or more carries. Whitaker gives our offense that extra dimension that makes everything else we do work. Calvillo is the middle ground of high importance to the team and high results so I think he will be our nominee.

This award is given to the Most Outstanding Player in the league in any given year.

The fact that Calvillo is the best quarterback in a season that's seen some pretty weak QB performances isn't much of an argument. Burris has been hot and cold. Ray has oscillated between a cannon and a sack-pinata. Lulay was he's good. Durant...not so much.
Glenn has been peevishly inconsistent. Jyles is starting out...may be good/great one day. Pierce can cut you apart...just like anything made of glass.
And then there's Calvillo.

He may well win the award this year
In the last 20 years...only 3 non-quarterbacks have won it:
Geroy Simon-2006, Milt Stegall-2002, Mike Pringle-1995,1998

But he won't deserve to
Not this year
If Calvillo does'll be by default

I'd say it's about time for another receiver or runningback MOP

I kind of hope Whitaker wins it, so he can slap Cobourne in the mouth with his trophy. What another great move by Popp. Ill admit i was pissed to see Avon go, but now....WHAT A FRICKING MOVE!!!!!!!!

Senor Ah Me wrote: But he won't deserve to. Not this year. If Calvillo does'll be by default. But this is definitely far from AC's best year
Statistical wise, Calvillo is currently having one of his best seasons as a pro and is far and away the leader in ALL offensive categories. Every one. By far.

And if his current pace continues for the next four games, Calvillo will total:
5,488 yds
37 TD's
6 INT's
104.8 passer rating

Arguably one of Calvillo's best three or four seasons in the league, and one of the greatest seasons by any QB in the history of the CFL as well.
And to note, Calvillo's last four seasons are his finest in the CFL. Between the ages of 35-39!

If any other QB in the league had those stats, they would win the MOP easily.

And yet...
Anyone who's watched the Alouettes knows how "on and off"" Calvillo's been this year
And the team's fall from "elite" status is all the "stats" anyone should need

I guess that's what's bugged me most about AC all of these years
He's an absolute machine when it comes to racking up personal stats
But the essential flaws in his game make him a relatively easy mark
For powerful defenses when the season is on the line
And "all the marbles" are lined up for the taking.

And it's that lack of mobility
And consequent vulnerability to pressure
That's put his team in an unenviable position
Heading into the last 4 games of the season

The team's fought it's way back to a share of 1st place...true
But this renaissance has had as much to do with an endaggered-swaggerville
And perhaps the most foolish of Ticat trades (of Arland Bruce)
As it's been a great surge by Les Oiseaux
And pretty much in spite
Of some less than impressive
And often frightening outings by AC

The discussion is moot however
If the team somehow manages to pull it off
And win the East
I'm sure Calvillo will be seriously considered for MOP
If not
I doubt there's much chance...

Records and personal statistics notwithstanding

So who is your choice?
As you mention AC has been inconsistent, one can argue the same about Richardson as he too has had a couple of inconsistent games. Lulay, same there too.

It’s simply a fact this season
Teams have been hot and cold all year
Especially on offence

If you were to pin me down on it
I’d say it might be time
In a year like this one
To give the award to a defensive player
Maybe Solomon Elimimian

He’d be my pick
Although I’m not sure I’d agree about Jamel
Receivers live and die on the attention and accuracy of their quarterbacks
When AC’s been “on” Richardson’s had some amazing games
Even when he’s been “off” Jamel’s managed to put together some yards

On the other hand
Calvillo’s focus on one or two receivers at the expense of the rest of the offence
Has been part of the problem this year
So at times Jamel’s (and Calvillo’s) success has been the team’s failure
But that’s hardly Richardson’s fault

Fair enough re Richardson coinciding with AC. However, there have been several times this season the ball was on the money to Richardson only to hit the turf. Can not ask AC to position the ball any better.

My point simply is they have all had their ups and downs this season and it is not a clear cut choice as in seasons past.

But… How many times has Richardson taken a 10 or 12 yard pass and turned it into double and triple that. Like the 50 yarder for the record on the weekend. Good arguments can be made for all 3 players. But considering the records. I think it will go to Calvillo.

@ Senor Ah Me

so what you are basically inferring is that because the team is somewhat inconsistent (although are 9-5 1st in East) that Calvillo does not deserve the MOP in spite of his great stats?

Hypothetically speaking, what if the Als ended up 9-9 yet Calvillo racked up 6,500 yds 46 TD's and 7 INT?

Would that mean in your view that because the team was a .500 club, it should negate any MOP consideration regardless of the unfathomable, extraordinary year Calvillo has?

Im not really a fan of giving the MOP award to a defensive player because then the best defensive player award becomes redundant. It is very hard to rationalize a way in which a defensive player can be the most outstanding player but not win defensive player of the year. MOP has almost by default become offensive player of the year and to me it would take such an overwhelmingly dominant year from a defensive player for one to win the award and looking at the stats this year Im not even sure Id give the defensive player of the year award to Solomon Elimimian Jerrel Freeman has very similar stats on a much worse team and Odell Willis and Jovon Johnson have both put up very good numbers as well. So in sticking with the best offensive player Id give it to Calvillo based on the importance of his position and the numbers he has put up

There are still 4 games left in the season, and a lot can happen.

To be sure, AC would have to be considered, as he has re-written the QB passing stats. These have been almost pre-ordained, as long as he stayed healthy enough to play which (thank God!) he did. However, he has shown a good deal of inconsistency this year, perhaps a combination of age, opposing teams providing pressure, and DCs coming up with effective D schemes.... That said, all CFL QBs have not done much better - one week hot as an oven, next week cold as an iceberg.

Whitaker has to be taken very seriously as he was instrumental in many of the Als' win. And then there is Jamel; where would we be with him? I say take your pick!

BUT the only real award/trophy I'm interested in is the GC - point final!

Go Als go!!!!!

Alouettes. Football. Champions. Point.

It'd be sweet if it were true again. :smiley: You could have that slogan engraved on the ring.