MOP Watch

TSN is doing its MOP Watch. What do you guys think?

For me, I think Boyd is the leading candidate. Toronto’s offence is one-dimensional: Run, run, and run some more. So you’d think defences would key in on him, yet he’s still putting up monster numbers. And he missed a couple games to injury. He’s had six 100-yard games in the 12 games he’s played, he’s averaging 98 yards/game, and he’s on pace for just shy of 1,600 yards. If he could score some more TDs, I’d say he’s a top candidate.

Arland Bruce would be another candidate. He’s also on pace for just shy of 1,600 yards, and he has 7 TDs, plus I think he leads the league in YAC yards, doesn’t he?

If they’re going to give it to a QB, I’d say AC over Burris. Burris has 18 picks to AC’s 5.

I’m sure I’ll probably anger some Riders fans, but I don’t think Durant should be in the discussion. His completion percentage is 61.1% and his TD-INT ratio is 19-18. This will be the second year in a row where he’ll throw 20 or more picks. He needs to get the picks down!

You're right Chief. Early in the season I was thinking that this might be a MOP year for Durant, but he's tailed off.

boyd no doubt about it but... argos did manage to win when he was hurt... maybe chad owens really.. he's mr everything for them but really...ill bet it goes to AC as mtl without ac is not as good as toronto without boyd. nawmean?

as for the western mop... id say burris by default really as ray hasnt had a great year, neither has durant or anyone else really... maybe a case could be made for fantuz but...

regardless the winner is coming out of the east.. boyd or calvillo.

doesn't angry me!

I think that the only guys who have a shot at winning are


Bruce - yes but not as much as the other 3

other notable candidates but not going to win are:

Fred Stamps
Darian Durant
Jamal Robertson
Fred Reid

I don't think I'd include Stamps, and it's not just because of the early drops. Whitlock had a few fumbles early last year, but I still thought he should've won Rookie. Stamps just isn't having the same year he had last year. I know he was injured for a number of games, and his yards/game is pretty good... but I don't know. If I had to give it to a receiver, I'd probably go with Bruce.

If the award was for Most Valuable Player, it would be Boyd, hands down. No one player is more important to their teams success than Boyd is for Toronto.

That said, the award is for Most Outstanding Player, and since there is a very big distinction between the outstanding and valuable (at least for me), I have to give this one to Henry Burris. The amount of outstanding performances he has put up over the course of the season is unmatched, IMO. I know he has his flaws (INTs being a big one) but he also leads the league in TD passes, and he'd probably have even more if he wasn't pulled from those blowout wins against Edmonton and BC.

Guys with an outside chance are:

Anthony Calvillo
Arland Bruce
Kevin Glenn

I only have East candidates because I don't think anyone else from the West will come close to Burris. That said, I think Boyd pretty much has it locked up as well. I'd be surprised if those two weren't the nominees.

Reid has better avg yards per carry, more tds and less fumbles. so why do so many favor boyd??

then there is robertson who has even better numbers but less carries.

As far as QBs go, no contest, AC all the way. Burris having 3 more TDs at this point doesnt make up for all the other numbers that favor AC

Personally, I favor Owens.

Personally, I favour Boyd because he has been the catalyst for a remarkable turnaround for Toronto. However, that is why I prefaced my comments by saying he's the most valuable, but not the most outstanding. Reid is doing his thing for a 4-10 team, and no one will win an award playing for a team that doesn't make the playoffs.

I won't address Robertson because that's just ridiculous. Watching the games, you know Boyd's been more outstanding than Robertson. To even suggest otherwise is foolish.

but it shouldnt be that way.

How is it foolish to recognize I less fumble than boyd and 2 more tds than boyd and .9 better avg per carry?

Not sure how anybody could say Hank would be a contender but not DD. DD’s numbers are hurt in the QB Rating not only because of the picks he has thrown but also how many times this year has his receivers been tackled on the one yard line? Most of Cates TD’s have come from those situations. Then there is also Durant’s rushing numbers compared to Burris not to mention his passing yards. IMO if you consider one you pretty much have to consider the other.

You guys are overlooking the fact that Hamilton is likely to finish the season with three 1,000 yard receivers, they are the only team with a real opportunity to accomplish this feat. What can this be attributed to? The successful distribution of the ball by Kevin Glenn. In my opinion he should be strongly considered for MOP.

Well, as long as we're discussing Durant's rushing numbers, what about his fumbles? :smiley: He has 11. One more and he'll double what he had last season.

Calvillo needs to be removed from the ballot :lol:

Seriously, this is still wide open. All the guys mentionned have a shot.

Could be worse, could have RR's rushing numbers. Fumbling once every 18 yards rushing has to hurt. :wink:

I don't recall saying Ray should be a candidate. :wink:

One guy that is painfully missed in that "short list" of MOP selection is Andy Fantuz btw.

I'd probably replace Nik Lewis with Fantuz. Not sure why TSN has Lewis listed. He's 8th in receiving yards. :lol:

Fantuz is a lock for Canadian but not MOP,

Even thought the CFL does right, unlike pretty much any other major league in having a MOP and not a MVP, I still like Cory Boyd to win. He is the argos offense (of course I realize a lot of points come from their special teams). He don't run, they don't win. Simple as that. The reason they started floundering from the bye week up to this week was because either Boyd was hurt, or they bizarrely stopped giving him the same amount of touches in hopes they could get their passing game going.

Winner of MOP and Rookie of the year.