MOP Watch: Looking at quarterbacks

Yes, the proverbial sun of the 2023 CFL season is just peaking over the horizon and yes, it feels extremely early to have any kind of discussion about year-end awards.

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“While the Montreal Alouettes found themselves in a 2-6 hole to start last year, Harris’ play was a key in what eventually got them back on even ground, finishing 9-9 and playing in the Eastern Final.”

Wasn’t he key in getting them in that hole too?
Way way too much noise about this middle of the pack QB. He piles up passing stats because his game is short quick passes. Great when hes “on” not great when he isn’t. Yes he has flashes of playing well but EVERY SEASON he has a streak of games where he doesn’t play well.

VA has been around a while but hasn’t played enough to say yea or nay. Has shown to be streaky good and streaky bad in the past. Show us that in the past VA!

BLM - needs two things to be successful. Receivers who pile up YAC yards and a solid run game. Loose either of those and its tough sledding for him.

Zach - well, he’s been top of the heap for a while. It’s going to take some doing to knock the king off the top of the mountain. We will see if anyone can do it…If they do I suspect Corny, Stevens Ford, Fajardo or Masoli may be the ones to climb up and knock him off.


I refuse to read garbage like this, it’s just ridiculous.

What?! No Chad Kelly?!


He also has no arm left to throw the long ball, and he turtles when the pass rush comes.

AC devised a playbook designed specifically to hide Harris’s weaknesses and maximize his strengths. And even with that, and the receivers he had, we weren’t exactly blowing teams out offensively.

I like Harris but folks are acting like he’s Ricky Ray. He’s not.

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:+1: :+1:I hear that. I had arguments with a few about that people when I said I was happy to see him leave Edmonton.