MOP so far this season

It has to be Kory Sheets. The guy is on pace to shatter the rushing record. That and Ricky Ray just cant stay healthy.

Sheets in a landslide for sure!!!! As long as he doesn't get injured in 2nd 1/2 of season,it will be Sheets all the way.In the East my guess right now for East MOP will probably come down between Burris or one in the East has really had an outstanding season so far(Ray if he wasn't injured)(Calvillo showing his age,also injured).Doesn't really matter who is nominated from the East,because they'll have zero chance of winning the award.

Agree on the Ray portion. If he had not go down, I would put him at the top spot.

I think Burris makes a strong argument at this point, being on pace for 5600 yards...Reilly would also if they were winning. Right here and now those are both tough because they lack winning records.

I have to think that if Durant keeps his numbers even close there could be a pretty heavy debate there as well. Sure, he is not looking to set yardage records, but his passer rating and TD/INT ratio are amazing.

Tough to argue that Sheets is not holding the top spot here and now though. I wish Cornish had not missed a game, because they were both on a sickening pace.

Ray was running away with it until he was injured. Just an unreal completion percentage. With Ray gone it's likely Sheets vs Burris. At least for now.


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just goes to show what I know. I didnt realize this MOP was Most Objectionable Performer. go figure

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Also Sheets! He's only had one game shy of 100 yards rushing which is very impressive in a very pass first league.

Ray was having a great season, but he was hardly running away with it. He's only played 1 game against BC, 1 against Saskatchewan, and a quarter against Calgary. He hasn't faced what would be considered some of the top teams and top defenses much this season. He didn't play poorly in any of those games, but he certainly has a distinct advantage getting to play in the East this season, where 3 of the 4 teams are below .500.

Yards, IMHO doesn't mean much. A QB with a ton of yards often points to a very poor running attack. Honestly I don't even know why the CFL site puts yards as the determining stat in their league leaders. The QB rating system was brought out for a reason and that was to show a value of a QB's complete attributes (although I would also like to see personal rushing and fumbles factor into that calculation as well).

I think the important thing is the importance to the team. A RB like "Dirty" in Sask can be replaced, another RB can be found and he may not rack up the yardage but he can fill in. With a strong QB, OL and receivers and a strong defense a team will do well with anyone at RB. A QB is important to the team, he's the cog, without Raythe Argos may not make the playoffs. Without "Dirty" , Sask still makes the playoffs. The same with Burris,if they go down the team goes down. Burris has some great stats and he can also run with the ball too and make some great decisions.
It's not easy to find a QB to step in if your QB goes down. If you look at a player like Chris Williams last year, the guy was easily the best player in the league, not only did he set a record for punt returns/wide FGs but he was just a few yards short of the leader in receiving, if he was back in Hamilton this year they would probably be near the top. What made him stand out was that he wasn't just a receiver he did other things. "Dirty" in Sask is a great RB but that's all he does.

Oh how you underestimate the value of a good running game. A good running game keeps the D honest and that pays off in items like INT's and sacks. It isn't a coincidence that RR and DD are having great years with them both having a strong running game.

QB is certainly the most important position on the Offense, but it's not weighted quite as heavily as you make it out to be. Toronto knocked off the Lions with Collaros, Saskatchewan still won with Willy, Calgary has won with whoever they put back there, and Edmonton made the playoffs with a QB carousel of Nichols, Joseph, and Jyles last season.

In fact, to take it even further, Edmonton scored 427 points with Ricky Ray in 2011, and they scored 422 in 2012 without him.

A good QB is very important to be successful in the CFL, but plenty of teams have won with what could be considered average QBs.

Using that same logic, you could argue Cornish ought to be the MOP over Sheets, because he has a higher average yards per carry, more TDs, and more receiving yards. If there was a "Rusher Rating", Cornish would probably have a better one. Does that mean that Cornish is the better runningback, or that he's more worthy of being MOP? Of course not.

My point is, there's plenty of ways to slice a cake. I think MOP is rarely a clear cut decision. :stuck_out_tongue:

If the award was called Most Overly Pompous he would be right there in front.

You don't have to like the guy, but he's still an excellent runningback, and maybe even one of the best Canadians at his position.

Schedule aside he leads the league in completion % by 10% and his 78.3 is on pace to pass the season record by 4%. He's 3rd in completions despite being 6th in attempts, has 15 TDs and no interceptions (only other starter not picked yet is Durant) and his rating is 134.0 almost 10 points up on Durant. Weaker opponents can boost the yardage, but it's Ray's accuracy that has his completion % and QB rating where they are far more than who he,s played.

Hey may be the best Canadian running back but very poor at being a Canadian.

Hands down it is Sheets. The first RB in CFL history to get to 1000 yes in 8 games!! Closes off most Rider games in the 4 th quarter. Most carries of any RB on record in 9 games and looks to set a new record this year of 394 touches at current rate.

No doubt about it.