MOP Finalists: Owens/Cornish

I have no info like that. I figured Owens fumbled more than 8. I think he fumbled 3 in one later game against Winn. and he was already known as the fumbling Hawaiian. I don't remember Cornish fumbling too often and he had way more touches than Owens.

The same reason Owens will win the MOP, spread the wealth. Owens will win league MOP because they can give Cornish top Canadian and justify it by the all purpose record and league lead in kick returns and receiving. Owens gets the east MOP nomination so they give the special teams nomination to Williams to get another name at the awards.

This is not my opinion of what should happen but what I think did and will happen.

They list the total number of fumbles for each game on the CFL live Play web site. Took a couple of minutes, but found that Owens fumbled 10 times this year, losing 8 of them.

There's no way Cornish wins. Jeoffery Reynolds had over 1500 yards rushing in 2009; didn't win MOP. Charles Roberts had over 1600 yards rushing in 2005; didn't win MOP. I don't get how 1400 yards is enough to get the MOP. 4000 all purpose yards has NEVER been done. The powers to be will get it right.

owens needs to display his naked butt so the voters can properly decide between them. I know that is how many many wives would vote :wink:

Thats a great point as both sheets and Harris almost had identical stats when it comes to being over 1,000 yards rushing but the ever more import stat becoming yards from scrimmage I think that both sheets an Harris out gained Cornish.
Question being which records are more impressive as Chris Williams had as many receiving yards but broke the record for returns for TDs. Also how many QBs have thrown for over 5,000 yards and over 40 TDs and did not get the MOP. To me those numbers are more impressive but those who are voting felt the all purpose yards were more important.

Incorrect. Chad the Fumbler had 3863 all purpose yards. That's not 4000 and it's sure not 4000+.

Check your facts before you start spouting off - - it might give you a bit more credibility.

Chad the Fumbler had more FUMBLES than TDs. Apparently I'm one of the few people who finds that to be unimpressive. Not only is Williams clearly the more dangerous game breaker, he's also a much more productive player.

Williams had almost double the number of receiving TDs - - 11 to 6
Williams had the better average yards per catch - - 15.6 to 14.1
Williams had infinitely more punt return TDs - - 5 to 0
Williams had the better average yards per punt return - - 14.3 to 10.8
Williams had more than double the average missed FG return yards - - 51.2 to 23.5

Only the voters can explain how that makes Chad the Fumbler a more outstanding player than Williams.

4,000 all-purpose yards still hasn't been done. Owens didn't get 4,000 yards, he finished with just over 3,800. We've been hammered over the head with it for a week that I can't believe you don't know the number by heart.

And even if he did get 4,000 yards, 1,600 of those yards came on kickoffs. This is the most celebrated meaningless record I have ever seen. People go gaga over it, but it really isn't all that impressive. Leading the league in receiving after having been a pretty mediocre receiver for most of his career; that's impressive. Returning a bunch of kickoffs so that he can get some record; not so much. Owens is a fine player, but he was not the most outstanding this year. Him getting the East nom just shows how ho-hum the season was. It really came down to him and Williams. Both have their flaws and both have their positives. They are pretty even in a lot of ways. Similar receiving stats, but Williams has the huge advantage in touchdowns. Williams had 17, Owens had six. If we are simply defining the award by who was the most outstanding, I think that recognition belongs to Williams over both Owens and Cornish. But down to the two that were picked, I'll take Cornish.

Ok, you've explained why you think Owens doesn't deserve. Now explain why you think Cornish does deserve it.

You dismiss Owens record a bit and I disagree with that. That record stood for almost 15 years with no one other than Owens getting close to it. The all purpose yards speak more to Owens being a more diverse offensive player than it does to excelling at any one thing. That is why Williams got the nod for special teams player and the breakdown Area 51 gave makes a great case for Williams, but not as MOP. Williams was good at what he did this season but he was a one dimensional player. I think the bigger accomplishment was Burris's numbers on a 6 win team. To have the year he did on a team that found more creative ways to lose than even the Argos is amazing. He would be my pick for the east nominee for MOP.

I don't think Williams was one dimensional. He was clearly the best returner in the league (on punts/missed FGs) and also a top 3 receiver by yards. Owens had the ball more often and was pretty integral to the Argos success, so I think you can make a good case for both of them.

What was the "one dimension" of Williams? Being a game breaker who was a legit threat to take it to the end zone every time he touched the ball?

Not sure about you, but if I had to choose which player I'd want on my team I'd take Williams over Chad the Fumbler every day of the week.

Any wonder why the Argo offence was so feeble this season? Toronto forced the passing game almost entirely through Owens.

Williams was also second for receiving TDs.

Your last point is exactly what I`ve been saying about Chad the Fumbler. His yardage numbers are entirely based on QUANTITY of times he was given the ball - - not because of the QUALITY of his playmaking ability.

As I pointed out, the averages say it all.

I'd just like to say that if the Tiger Cats defense wasn't as Craptacular as it was ... Henry Burris was FAR and AWAY the league's MOP ... I would go so far as to say if the Tiger Cats even won one more game, and were able to make it into the playoffs then Henry Burris would have been the MOP nom from the East ...

This year's choice of MOP is rather underwhelming, as has been pointed out by many, already ...

Cornish, while a major contributing factor to his team's success - was hardly OUTSTANDING.
Owens was the benefactor of a defense that allowed him an inordinate number of attempts at putting up ordinary numbers.

I could not be more ambivalent about who wins this award. With a gun to my head I would give the nod to Owens - only because of the 'sexy factor ' of that record he was able to set.

Although I don't disagree that Burris would have been a good choice, looking at just the positive stats, one can't ignore the fact that he led the league in fumbles with 11 and interceptions with 18. It is hard to justify a player with 29 turnovers to his credit, should be the league MVP.

because he should have got the award that messem got last yr.

one can't ignore the fact that he led the league in fumbles with 11 and interceptions with 18. It is hard to justify a player with 29 turnovers to his credit, should be the league MVP.
Absolutely correct ... I think those league leading TO's are EXACTLY what kept him from getting the nomination ...

I just believe that if the Tiger Cats could have made the playoffs then the turnovers could / would have been 'overlooked' in favor of the overall body of work.

For those who are speaking of something that has never been done before then Chris Williams returned for more TDs more than anyone ever. Williams had more punt return yards and 5 TDs to Owens O TDs. Williams had more missed FG return yards and 1 TD to Owens O TDs. Receiving Yards Owens had 30 more than Wiilaims owens had 6 receiving TDS to Williams 11.
Overall TDs Williams 17 Owens 6.
The voters seemed to eliminate a very important stat which is league leader with 17 TDs for Williams.
Williams and Owens were about equal in every category with the exception of:
Owens had more kick off return yards giving him more all purpose yards.
Williams had 17 TDs to Owens 6.
Which one of those stats are more important.
17 to 6 for TDs or .... There is not even a category on the CFL website that includes all purpose yards. At least I can not find it.
What Owens did was truly amazing but was it more amazing than what Chris Williams did.

When Owens wins I'm gonna come back to this thread and wag my wang for all you Cornish and Williams Nut-Huggers.