MOP Finalists: Owens/Cornish

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I guess the voters are more impressed by all those all purpose yards than Area 51 is. :wink:

More like voters are eager to be able to select an MOP who isn't a quarterback, methinks. And good on them. No QB was really deserving of being a finalist this season.

Let me get this straight. Owens gets the eastern vote for Outstanding Player, but Williams gets it for Outstanding Special Teams Player. So what makes Owens better than Williams must be his non-special teams play. Where he got 30 more yards on 11 more catches. And five fewer touchdowns. Maybe it was his league-leading passer ranking. That's got to be it.

Could someone please explain this to me again?

If Owens would have added on some TDs to the return yardage I think he would be the MOP but he did not so for me it is Cornish. Cornish had more to do with Calgary's success. Without Cornish Calgary does not finish anywhere near where they did. Owens also had a lot to do with Toronto's success but if you took Owens out of Toronto's line up they still could have finished the same. Take Cornish out of Cagary's offense and the Stamps may not have made the playoffs and everyone would have been calling for Tate to start at QB.

Agree Williams got the short end of the stick on this one. I do not see how Owens had a better season than Williams. Owens for all of the returns he had he took none into the endzone for TDs.

Don't forget that Cornish broke the record even after having some bad games at the start of the season (even one with a negative yard total), so that makes the accomplishment that much better IMO.

Oh, here come the Williams Nut-Huggers in full force. Owens did something that no professional football player has ever done. He had 4000+ all purpose yards. If you don't understand, keep me reading my post over and over again until you do understand or until Hamilton gets to host a Grey Cup.

Cornish's record was just the record for Canadian running backs. There's no doubt he'll win the award for Most outstanding Canadian. 1400 yards in rushing isn't that uncommon at all. Doesn't warrant a MOP. Mike Pringle had 2000+ yards rushing. Now that's impressive.

I'll give the nod to Owens as well and I'm a Cat fan. Williams has more pure skill I think as a receiver and fluid runner but Owens has proven to be a tough beast and really is a more overall package, even with less athletic skill I would say.

Cornish was a threat every time he carried the ball to go far, really helped Glenn out a lot by having more respect from defences.

Owens fumbles way too much ! I'll take Cornish.

Interesting term, but ok, whatever. (And maybe my signature is a bit over the top, but hey, Williams is pretty amazing, you have to admit.)

Actually, it's the contradiction in the choices that I'm talking about. Owens is also amazing, and the fact that he is able to do all three roles, punts, kickoffs and receiving (and passing :lol: ) speaks volumes for how much of an all-around player he really is. But his kickoff returns weren't extraordinary - pretty average, when it comes down to it, just numerous. Head-to-head on the things both players did this year, Williams ends up on top. (And it's not like Williams can't return kickoffs, just that the team decided to use someone else there. He did it a few times last year, quite well in fact.) So the difference between the players that put Owens on top must have been his kickoff returns, a special teams role. And Williams got the nod for outstanding special teams player, so.... And now my brain hurts again.

I think that next season now that Owens has broken the record for you will see him be giving up the kick off return duties focus more on punt returns next season where there are much more oppuritunities to return punts for TDs than Kick Offs. It will most likely lower his fumble % drastically.

I just read a post from Dust on the awards prediction thread, and something he said made me think there's no contradiction after all.

Which actually makes sense to me.

Carry on.

because your team sucked!

Yeah they both had a great seasons but Owens edged him out usually happens when a team makes the post season and the other finishes last. Happens all the time.

Rarely does a last place team produce a MOP. Thats just the way it is


That they did.

I think my mantra for the winter is going to be "Thirteen!" No, not the number of players on the field. :wink: The total number of points by which we lost five of our games. But unfortunately, we still lost them, which is what matters. (And I now have some empathy for Winnipeg fans for their 2010 season.)


Cornish acheived a rushing number that is not uncommon in the CFL. Whereas, owens set a league record. In doing so, broke a record that had been around for a long time.

I've got to give the nod to Owens.
Chances are, some other running back will have cornish's numbers next year and the year after.

It Isn't MVP, its MOP.

I though williams deserved it, but between owens and cornish, owens wins.

I too thought that Owens put the ball on the ground a lot as did Williams but I have not been able to find any stats on fumbles, other than in the rushing category. Do you have any info on the number of fumbles following receptions or special team fumbles. I know that there was an article stating Owens put the ball on the ground 8 times but no way to compare with others in that category.

Cornish is only a finalist for this award because he's Canadian. He had 30 more carries than the next guy (Sheets) but produced the same number of TDs (11) and YPC (5.6) as Sheets. Owens broke a single-season record for combined yardage and was more valuable to his team in different contexts (receiver and kick returner) than Cornish was to the Stamps as a running back (as a receiver, he was mediocre at best in 2012).