MOP candidates

I was just reading on the main page that apparently Wake is getting some MOP consideration. What do people think?

Personally, I think there's too much offensive talent for this to be the year it goes to a defensive guy.

The standout player for me right now is AC. He's completed 68% of his passes for more than 4,200 yards, 31 TDs and only 9 picks, and there are still 5 games left in the season.

I think some runners-up could be Simon with 1,100 yards and 7 TDs, and Cates with 1,000 yards and 9 TDs. But the problem with Cates is injury (is he still out?). Cobourne was another possibility since he was the only player to flirt with going 1,000 and 1,000, but I think missing those two or three games hurt his chances.

Wake is the best player in the league. Its a shame that there is an offensive bias for this award. Doesnt matter if someone else gets it, everyone knows Wake is the best player in the league. No disrespect to AC or Burris etc (both great players having a great year) but how often do we see and hear people saying "WOW" about Wake compared to the others? Pretty much every game he plays.

If there was no offense bias, Wake would be MOP hands down. He's changing the course of every game he plays in, which is what MOP is all about.

AC is looking good, but it's just another day at the office for him.

Simon could get it but we'll see how he does the rest of the season.

Cates is great but to be honest the only reason he's put up the numbers he has is due to the Sask receiver injuries, they really have no choice but to rely on Cates. Lots of RBs in the league could put up the numbers he has if the offense leaned on them as heavily.

You know, that's a great point, and I completely agree.

I also agree about Wake. Take out the offensive bias, and I think he gets more serious consideration. It'll be interesting if he breaks the record (he only needs 9 more sacks, right?).

That record will be hard to beat…it was during a time that they allowed half-sacks too. Although it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if he actually did it.

I don' think Cates should be MOP but I would say he put up great numbers despite having injured receivers. Everyone knows the guy is going to get the ball yet he still racks up the yards.

But isnt that a good reason for being MOP?
The "D" knows he will get the ball, and they still cant stop him?

He has done awesome this year hands down.

I think he’s the best running back and one of the most outstanding players but not necessarily the most outstanding.

To be honest, I don't think any of this season's RBs are MOP worthy. I think Cates is a runner-up, but that would probably be.

Had Cobourne not missed those 2-3 games, then I think he'd be the best RB to take the MOP. But the backs this season seem to be quieter than last year. Last season we had a great battle between Smith and Roberts.

By definition of Most Outstanding Player, Cameron Wake would win it.

Cobourne would have easily been a MOP candidate before the injury, but now I wouldn't put him in that category. My MOP candidates are:

Cameron Wake: Not a man, a monster. Lay your prejudice against defense aside and admit that Cameron Wake is the most dominant D-lineman to come through this league since Joe Montford at his peak.

Anthony Calvillo: You just can't argue with the season he's having, on the heels of a year in which everyone thought he was washed up. On pace for over 5,500 yards, outstanding QB rating, leads the league in most TDs and fewest interceptions, great completion percentage, distributes the ball well, and doesn't have an elite receiving corps to work with like Burris or Pierce. Most importantly, he is consistently excellent, week in and week out.

Wes Cates: As important to his team as Mike Pringle was to the late '90s Alouettes. Look at how much the running game struggles without Cates in the lineup.

Geroy Simon: Ridiculously good player who leads all receivers in yardage despite having missed a few games due to injury. How do you defend this guy? Answer: you can't. You just double-cover him and hope the damage isn't too severe.

Hard to ignore Wake thats for sure. If he can finish the season on his current pace he has to be the favorite.

There's already a DPOY award, unless he breaks the sack record or does something along those lines he's not winning it.

For those people who are saying Cates shouldn't get the nod because, there are no recievers....well last year in 14 games he got 856 yards. This with limited playing time at the beginning of the season and sitting two games at the end. In the frist 3 games he dressed last year he had a total of 28 that to the first three games this season (before injuries started) 56 yes he up this year, not just because of the injuries.

Now on Simon while he is doing good this year, he certianly isn't doing any better then a number of other recievers out there. Unless you are going to say...oh but look who he has passing to him....then it is same argument that you can say with cates.....who else do they have for quarterback that he can't look beyond simon.

Wake does deserve some merit...but don't think he will get it. Great stats on an average defense don't help

Calvillo right now would get my nod....Burris and Ray might get it a is still to early to predict.

As much as I’d love to see Ray get an MOP award, his TD/INT ratio is terrible this season…

All that really matters is that Wake leads the Leos to the promised land and AC or Burris can have the darn MOP award. It will really be a consolation prize if all we get is a MOP award and no Grey Cup with this being Wake's last year in the CFL for awhile.

Go Leos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Getting tons of yards because you get the ball all the time proves what? Like I said, sask is leaning on him heavily and that is why he's putting up the yards he is. What you said there just proves my point. More touches = more yardage. 3-4 RBs in the league could do what Cates does if they got the ball as much.

What other recievers are these? Simon is the top receiver in the league. He's just put in his 5th 1000+ yard season, and only Rambo is within 100 yards of him. Paris Jackson has 800+, and Clermont has around 600. Simons yardage doesn't come the fact he is our only target, far from it.

Average defense ... wow I'd hate to see what you think a great defense is.

I think it's a mistake to constantly give the MOP to QBs or receivers. Offense does bring in the fans, but real football people know that it's defense that will win you championships, and imo it's time to start recognizing that fact. Nevermind if Wake gets it this year or not, I think it's ridiculous that no defensive player has ever won the award. It's pure BS.

Wake could end up with 30 sacks and the league won't give him MOP because he is leaving next year. League awards are nothing more than the promotion of star players Whats the point of promoting Wake if he won't be around?

I'm not a big leos fan, in fact I don't like them. Probably because of WAlly, but Wake deserves the award if he breaks the record. If such is the case and he doesn't get it, it would be an injustice.