Moore starting in place of Bailey

All I can say is it about time. Moore had an awesome season last year, and they dont start him this year. French is moving to wideout, and Moore is playing slot.

Yes! for sure I remember MOORE playing in edmonton a few games last year and the year before. He played like he was trying to become one of Glens Gladiators. Carston Baily has been dropping a few lately and not getting open either. How tall is MOORE? i dont wanna check myself even though i could.

I think he's a little bit under 6' tall..... however, he typically catches balls that are thrown in his general direction... comparing to someone who can't run a route to get into the right place, nevermind catch the ball when he magically does appear where he's sposed to be, I think the height difference won't be a factor.

Very happy about this decision. Moore hasn't played in 8 of our games, yet I think he still is second for recieving TDs on the team. How does that make sense.

You'd think that that stat would've prompted someone to put him in a game prior to now.... maybe something along the lines of he's the only guy on the team that can make the clutch catches, or at least make more than anyone else we've got.

I think danny or whoever makes the descisions of who to play at receiver was thinking that they watned to develop some young players for the future. That is why they had karsetn out, but now i am pissed off at him and i hope he gets the boot!

better late than never I say. Immediately improves our offense.

When did they announce Moore in place of Bailey? Last I heard from Barrett, "It could be Richardson, it could be Bailey, it could be Keith, it could be Holmes."

Ok confirmed now.

LeFall out, Benefield in.
Bailey out, Moore in.

now we have a reciver who WILL FINISH HIS ROUTES

Moore came through but it did nothing to get the W. This team can do no good.

we lost, but Moore proved to me he deserves the spot.

moore is probably your best receiver rightr now. although thurmon has had a good year.

Can't believe Moore has sat out 8 games. He's a quality receiver and has veteran leadership. What's Barrett thinking? Maybe Riders fans have another opinion so enlighten me if you can.

Was Saskatchewan hiding an undisclosed injury or was Moore actually being sat out. If they sat him, that is very confusing considering his track record.

Barrett wants to get the young guys some experience, but since they can’t catch sh*t either way we had no choice but to bring back Moore to have a chance of winning and still lost.