MOON to be at next ARGO home game!

HALL OF FAMER , WARREN MOON , will take part in the next ARGO home game against HAMILTON. :thup:

There will be a pre-game celebration of ALLEN's world record at the Dome before the game and MOON will be there to be part of it. :thup:

They will also offer special $9.99 tickets , signed ALLEN playing cards and a special T-SHIRT!


I don't think it will be a great game , however it should be good to honour ALLEN and see MOON.


swollen members performing at the half...good stuff!

and the first 22,000 get ...wait for it.....POM POMS.

can u imagine 22,000 men waving pom poms around..haha

I'd settle for a set of those thunder sticks, instead of some whimp-assed "pom poms."

I want to buy a T-SHIRT!

The pom poms were only good for the kids. I love the Thundersticks. Even at 30 years old I can use those for some wicked loud noise. They are the best for home town noise!