MOON now arrested for DUI

It appears that the state troopers turn over all the evidence to the prosecutor to determine what if any charges are laid, kind of like on Law and Order.

anyone really surprised?

Isnt DUI small potatoes in most pro sports these days?

DUI has nothing to do with sports, pro or otherwise

Criminal charges have everything to do with pro sports. The are treated and viewed much differently by the law, media and their employers compared to everyday people.
Next to gang activities, drugs, rampant steroids, sexual assault, domestic abuse, weapons charges nowadays DUI is small potatoes.

I wonder what the percentage of professional athletes charged with DUI is compared to other professions. Somehow I don't think the national media cares if a plumber fails a breathalizer tonight.

Exactly. But the athlete will get only rehab from his employer (team mngmt)When the plummer's boss finds out he's probably canned.

If he’s a good tradesman the boss will hire an apprentice to drive him around for a year.

I'm surprised. Are you saying you had Moon pegged as a drunk driver??

i'm saying didn't he get into booze trouble earlier (read: during) his career?

There, but for the grace of God, go I....

Done it many times when I was young and really stupid.....I just got away with it is all....

Don't Drink and Drive.... :thdn:

know your limit and stay within it folks...

any questions at all = taxi

what has not moon done ..
He has hit his wife in Drunken Rage..
He Now has Been Charged with a D.U.I
He should be Seeking Help for His Problem.

Yet he's in Both NFL and CFL Halls of Fame.
With Moon it should be the Hall of Same.
Maybe He Should Be Removed From Both.

If Pete Rose can't get Baseball Hall
For Gambling on Baseball .
Why should Moon be Allow in any Hall Of Fame.

Atleast Rose in the WWE Hall of Fame

Thats one of the most ridiculous Pete Rose analogies i've ever heard.

Canton Ohio is home to the "pro football" HoF not the "nice guy" hall of fame.

Big, big, big difference.

If an athlete is arrested for DUI, domestic abuse, assault, or some other off the field problem, it only shows that person to be a flawed person. It says very little, if anything, about the sport.

If even one athlete is accused of betting on games he or she is involved in, it calls into question the outcome of every game that person ever played in.

No sport can afford to be perceived as "fixed".

OMG, OMG, did you hear that Warren Moon got arrested for DUI. Unreal, must be the first person to be charged as such. Lock him up for good.

No wonder I don't buy newspapers any more.

moon got a dui. he should be happy nobody got hurt. he made a mistake i dont think he should be hung. people around here are so quick to get on their high horse. you are niave to think that people arent constantly getting in the car to drive after a couple of drinks. is this right heck no....but it is a fact. i dont think its a condemnation on ones character i do think its becoming a societal problem that should be looked at. Be careful when you are throwing those stones from your glass house could be your father wife son friend who gets the next dui. believe it or not they are not that hard to get.

there are questions

Was he just barely legally drunk, or was he totally intoxicated.

Was this a very rare occurrance, or something he does often.

Was his speeding just barely over, or was he racing in a completely reckless manner.

If enough facts are presented and if they are bad enough, then yes, I will judge Moon like I would judge anyone else and be extremely dissappointed in him and lose much respect for him. However, it could be a rare and mild infraction that people are blowing out of proportion. At this point, who knows.