Mookie Released

Mookie Released on thursday. He would by a great addtion to the wr corp he would give some veteren experince and would be a good mentor to chirs baumen.


Too old, a WR at 37 yrs old is not worth bringing in just for his leadership, I feel that we will already get this from the veteren recievers we already have...end of discussion

Jerry Rice was he Too Old...?
He played in super Bowl in his 40's
I have him for a Tryout if he passes Then Sign him as Camp Players
let him Fight for a Job.
Depth is not a Bad Thing

oh ya I believe depth is not a bad thing either...I just feel like there are other guys out there who are cheaper and younger, and with upside that would be better than a little higher priced, older guy with nothing left but downside...if he gets signed and makes the team then kudos to him and hope he plays well but I'm not holding my breath

With all due respect, Jerry Rice is in a class all by himself - hard to compare the two. Nothing against Mookie; really liked his contributions over the past, but I think his time as an effective player has passed.

Signing Mookie would be a slap to the face of Mike Morreale! Both are slotbacks who are over 35 yrs old! If we signed him and made the team, Taffe would be a hypocrite!


There is Huge Difference Between the two

Mookie is an Import Mike is not .

Good Canadians are Easier to find.
Good Americans are not ..

I am not saying give him deal
I am saying let him fight for a Job.

We should sign Pinball this guy could really help us and hes such a classy guy. If hes no good we can get cut his ass.

no offence but I don't think pinball wants to play anymore anyways...he probably hasn't trained like a football player in 4 all for adding depth but signing pinball is rediculous...haha

Mookie can still play at a high level but he gets paid too much under the SMS. I'd say he's still better than all of the Cats import receivers last season. Going into 2008, he'd be no worse than 2nd best behind Miles. But at 36, he has no upside. For a rebuilding team like the Cats, he wouldn't be a good fit.

An Argo-Cat fan

This conversation is mind boggling! First Mookie vs. Rice comparisons and then somehow it is easier to find good Canadian receivers vs. American receivers???

Is anyone else confused?

whoknows don't you mean mind bottling? you know...when your mind is in like a bottle?


I'm not sure if everyone has been paying attention to what has been going on and the direction that Obie and Charlie are heading. Sometimes it seems like the agenda is not clear to some people.

Is this thing on?

Mind bottling is just an eggcorn for mind boggling. So what are you getting at?

Good Canadians are easier to find than good Americans? I think you're in the minority on that one.
This entire thread is a head scratcher.


Face we had Tough Time Finding Good American WR
Canadian one should be easy to find ..

what I said was a quote from a Will Farrell movie, called blades of glory, and it was a joke, I take it you have never seen it lol