Mookie Mitchell realeased

If there is a position we need help it's the recieving position. This is a no brainer.Go sign him Marcell

Ranek didn't make it either.

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Not a chance...We're going to give the new younger legs a shot...

I am shure Our Team will do the Right thing.
Give Marcel time
He has done a Great Job so Far.

8) If this was 3 years ago, I would agree with having a look at Mookie. I am sure that his age, along with his salary was the reason that he was released by Edmonton !!! Younger, quicker legs are what counts in football !!!

With the new real cap system money is a big issue why do you think guys like Mookie and DJ are getting dumped from teams well also mookie isn't getting any younger I would say the Ticats will pass on him.

Why would we want to get rid of one of our 50 roookies for someone who has proven himself?

No one was a bigger Mookie fan that me but signing him would be a mistake. Gotta get younger and better.

An Argo-Cat fan

Yes but you still need to surround young players with guys who can show them what being a professional is all about. I've watched enough nba basketball over the years to know how important that is and it's the number one mistake of rookie gm's in any sport.

Right now all our rookie receivers only have Brock Ralph to look up to, now how scary is that?

LOL did you just compare Mookie Mitchell to DJ Flick?

All reports out of Regina are saying hes having a great camp... he wouldnt get "dumped" from other teams... just this one.

Drexl, you're right. Given the Cats' depth chart at receiver, if Mookie can still play he's worth a looksee. Brock Ralph as your receiver-role model? The mind boggles.

An Argo-Cat fan

They have a receivers coach too LOL

Dennis Goldman...

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Oski Wee Wee,

Thats why the Leafs keep Mats around. :lol:

Nah - it's because his mom makes the team Chunky Soup...

Trust me guys, as much as I love Mookie and respect his career, it's probably best to be going with younger talent at WR. Especially when considering age as a factor.

If Hamilton is looking for a good pickup, why not go after Best from Saskatcehwan? Hes on the waived/injured list. So if my football knowledge serves me well, we can still claim him from wages before hes put on injured reserve. Correct me if im wrong?

Hamilton has the first right to claim on the waiver wire this year because we were last in the league.

Oski Wee Wee,