Moody Blue: Long Distance Streveler.

In his book The Game, Ken Dryden describes common afflictions like the “Philadelphia flu”, or the “Boston flu”, which struck players who feared going into those particular cities to play.

Might Matt Nichols have a touch of the “Edmonton flu”?

Chris Streveler is in for a long night Thursday against that strong Eskimo pass rush. Every team faces adversity on its way to the top.

The Bombers are about to get a good taste of adversity, and a mighty good test of character.

But even if the Eskimos paste the Blue, it will probably be of little consequence four to six weeks from now, when Nicholls returns.

And if Streveler leads Winnipeg to a win at Commonwealth, the question will be: who can stop the Bombers?

Streveler, this guy seems to have a lot of qualities for an excellent CFL qb no question.

It’ll be a fine. A night in blue and gold satin.