Mood in Bomberville

Very mixed - the bomber fan sites pretty much go according to form.

The primary site - is mostly the drunks, louts, shipheads & bullies going off on anyone who dares criticize the bomber defense, offense, special teams, coaching or contents of the hot dogs.

Been like that from Day 1 - ain't gonna change anytime soon!

If the bombers lose badly at Banjoke Bowl then a couple more of the bullies & drunks will switch sides but the predominant mode will be self-defense of the bomber organization.

That 7-2 record has bought the organization an incredible amount of slack - so even if the team loses badly this Saturday - the lemmings & brown-shirts will scream "Hey, we're still 7-4, right?" WRONG - its an illusion - once the record goes to 7-6 or evens out at 8-8 or somesuch the reality of the situation will be striking. The Bombers are simply not a particularly well-prepared outfit, they lack power on both side of the ball - their receivers are average to slightly above average and they have a good ball manager as their QB but not someone who can run up scores or toss TD passes in bunches. The coaching is extremely temperamental - the defensive coaching is almost obscene and an insult to the good bomber fans, who despite being critical are always behind their team - unlike the louts & s-heads who exist only to lambaste poster but come up shy in the courage dept. when confronted with lousy teams.

Right now, the atmosphere is 'we're gonna beat the crap outta the riders at Banjo Stadium cuz we'll make noise and Kevin Glenn won't be able to yell above us' - WON'T MATTER - bombers are a bit too feeble on both sides of the ball to avoid anything but a 7-4 record after this game ends.

Same marble-mouthed rhetoric will be emitted by QB Scrubber and Coach O'Stoic . . . they'll just have to avoid the same mistakes, play better, pay attention to details, blah, blah, blah!

The 7-2 record has really set the table for the CEO (Wadzilla) not to care. Banjo Bowl is sold out - and they'll be selling an enormous amount of alcohol, etc. on a Saturday afternoon to evening. And by virtue of the record - they've probably back sold a couple extra home games - so some of those blotto games in late September/October will feature announced crowds of 25,000 to 26,000+ regardless of play level.

So profits virtually guaranteed. But right now I'd venture to say that unless the BC Lions collapse worse than the Big Blue - even the crossover will be increasingly in doubt!

Here's the Coles notes version:

  1. If the bombers get hard-stomped by the riders at home they'll be hard-pressed to go better than 8-10 or 9-9

  2. However, if the bombers lay a severe whipping & bombing of the Riders - all things in bomberland will be restored to stasis - and an 8-3 team will have a legit chance to go as high as 12-6 or 11-5, legit chance for 2nd or 3rd in west - too high for the crossover!

Boss, I put a few details on the scale of value and as I see it:

  • Marshall, Demski and perhaps two OL banged up on Sask side, Bombers appear all OK with Walker coming off IR,
  • Loffler coming after Carter, will miss a couple, land one, that'll be enough,
  • Langford experiment probably over, Thorpe and his YAC returning,
  • Crowd noise doing the 180, always worth seven/ten points, lost and gained,
  • Bombers pissed, Riders cocky,
  • League's new sheriff will have called, encouraging alternating Sask DL to ensure they are fully hydrated, even The Cork will pay heed, Giddy-up O working,
  • OR, Bombers run a series of no huddle, Corky himself has to fall on the field "all cramped up", having run out of euro soccer shills, he's dragged off with first witnessed smile on his face,
  • By game time the 400 iPhones and 20 closed circuit cameras will have shown no one spit on anyone, buzz/vibe ruined,
  • Medlock vs. Crapola, Medlock,
  • Glenn vs. crowd noise, crowd noise,
  • Poop in, anyone else out, DL rises on crowd noise,


We could bring John Helton, John Lagrone, Doctor Death & Elfrid Payton in as our front 4 and they'd be stuck engaging in Doug Brown style sumo-wrestling vs. penetrating the pocket, taking names and sacking laughing QBs

When a mope like Samuel Hurl grades out well on paper but gets tossed around like a rag doll YOU GOT PROBLEMS.

Loffler is damaged goods at this point in the season. O'Shea will do the standard MOS Dance - saying Loff will miss a few practices but should be ready by game-time. He won't. Besides Loffler is extremely slow - and when he misses his killshots he really opens up the field for Tattoo Glenn!
Poop comes in - doesn't make much difference - bomber d-line very poor at shedding blocks - love engaging in the old "Doug Brown Test of Strength" rubric.
Plop knows Mutt Nichols is a scrub when it comes to winning games on his arm. Nichols is throwing under worse than Ricky Ray in his prime - 2 & Out is probably his new nickname come Banjo Bowl.

......The mood in Bomberland will be 'reach for the torches' if they blow the banjo....the way I see it...Hairline wins and losing 2 straight to a team that was 'supposed' to be ranked near the bottom, with a 'suitcase' quarterback and dubious talent elsewhere will not be acceptable...In fact this one shouldn't be even close, with all the time we've spent 'supposedly' building a winner and the opposition coming in this weekend recovering from a teardown...Riders have excellent receivers...far as I can see and little else...There will be NO EXCUSE that's going to wash in river city regarding a loss...Lot's of pressure to win for sure BUT 'good' teams win...clubs with 'suspect coaching and talent lose' ...We'll see what were made of this weekend and in what category we belong...That's it in a nutshell.NO MORE BLOODY EXCUSES and crap lines like ' I'll have to look at the tapes' b.s.

I don't know about you folks, but my mood, in Bomberville, is not good.

All I hold sacred, the integrity of Boston and Saskatchewan pro sport franchises, is gone, shattered.
Euro soccer cramps over in Sask., stealing signals in Bean Town, what's next? What could possibly be next?

The Boston signal stealing first; the fix is simple, take away Apple products, substitute with Samsung.
Anyone with smoke coming off their wrist is tossed. Fixed.

I had always thought "The Cramps" were a mid eighty's punk band, turns out its in the Sask playbook. The fix is simple, the New Sheriff must appreciate the damage (and therefor subsequent League liability) that putting a cramped limb back in too soon can cause. Make it minimum change of possession or five plays. Stir, observe. Crap continues, go seven, repeat. It will stop and League liabilities will be mitigated.

Now, seriously, if I'm a much maligned CFL official and I watch a player who's stopped my game with injury, laugh his way off the field, that's unsportsmanlike. My bet is Sask comes to The Banjo fully hydrated...or Corky's eardrums are popped.

All I can say is that Lux Interior was one of the greatest entertainers in punk/rock music. O for the great days of Lux & Poison Ivy!


OK, just a wee sample . . . .

Saw a photo of Corky wearing a Lux muscle shirt somewhere...and in other news
IGF Announcer has agreed The Cramps best LP will play during warm-up,
appropriately enough the LP is titled "Bad Music for Bad People".

Its rumoured Corky has a cassette of it in his 68 Olds.

…I don’t know about punk bands and muscle shirts but I do know Corky ‘Cash’ suits up in black…Leans toward the country music world in Tennessee and can be heard singing (I think that’s what it is) ‘I fell into a burning ring of fire’ as he enters a stadium…I hope we can light it up for him Sat. and don’t get burned ourselves…heh heh

Riders have SIXTEEN on six day injured list, Bombers have one.
Crowd will be wild.
Bomber fans may have even pulled the old "welcome to Regina" by cranking the fire alarm at closing time in Sask Hotel...
Bombers getting player(s) back off IR, Riders going on..
Short week, they've seen each other.
Bombers were run over by adrenaline in LDC, won't happen at home.

Bombers by a TD.

Bombers will put up a better fight this week - but they just don't have the smack of the Riders. Big, strong and fast rider WRs will make the difference!

Loffler is banged up, not playing, Sask RB is second stringer, KG's throwing, Poop's in, Glen's packing his TP, what Sask offence can do will be the deal.

I'm waffling on a Bomber win now knowing Loffler's out, too close to call.

Will go over 104 db., not a bet on Pro-line.

......Glenn gets banged up and it doesn't look good for the green guys...Glenn either....Looking like they are folding like a cheap suit in the stretch....Bombers pounding and overwhelming the rider D....piling up the points and could've easily gone over the 50 mark...Took it easy on them on the last play as Corky says 'no mas' and jumps his players...typical...

....Riders looked alright early but the real team, the watermelon heads, stood up and took a heavy shot....Packed their banjos and headed back to the stubble...plunkin' their banjos all the way...Bombers win season series and are looking very good and heading for bigger things, while Corky and his gang stare at the basement.............................Guess you were wrong again Lyle.... :wink:

Glad to be wrong Wumpy!

Bombers were full value today! Loved Matt Nichols trying to do his best imitation of Mad Hatter Reilly. His o-line should buy him one of them Reilly hats! On second thought - Reilly looks to be mired in a hobo slump!

.......Who is 'wumpy'???? to whom you are referring....Oh yeah...he's the guy who didn't say you were 'wrong again' Lyle ;D

Papa Loosa, Lyle and I are friends who enjoy inserting some brevity into these often all too serious rant pages. I'm a complete Bomber fan, however as much as I enjoy and celebrate the on field product, I loath the behind the scenes patronage program that runs the club. You may remember me as "Jayman" elsewhere.

Wumper is what my long departed Mom called me. She was a hardcore Bomber fan from day one. Hardcore.

The Wumper handle seems to draw the angst of a few on here. I'm up for a change to a more accepted one, I'm thinking "mean mother bomber stud" would probably meet with more acceptance. Thoughts?

I'm Wumpy/Wumper and I leave Lyle alone, usually. He's just having some fun getting "too tights" wound even tighter. That would seem to include yourself.

....You would seem to be wrong 'wumper'....I never get up tight...maybe tight but never up tight...If you go back to the 'day' and I mean the heyday when we were king (that would be the Grant years) and probably a little before, then you would be in the era of Lyle and I AND I always understand where Morris is coming from...I chide him a lot but he's old Bomber to me and I see a lot of where he's coming from...I think we're always Bomber fans first and critics second and everyone is entitled to their say..........................And by the way I think your handle is great...My grand kids call me papa and I used to spend a lot of time at Assiniboine Park (no not in the cages)...hence the 'zoo' la..They never think I'm 'a loosa' unless I get out of the house on my own..But you can call me whatever.... Like I always told my Mom....just never late for dinner :wink:

Actually Wump the Jayman and I are friends from the old days of bomber forums (before they came with the lynch mobs and banned me for life) and Papazoola is a refreshing change from some of the nail-biters, doorknobs and insects with keypads who infest the current bomber posting community.

I'd rate both of you amongst the Top 10 posters I've encountered on various CFL boards I've injected myself into the last 10 to 15 years.

There's a few great posters at the Calgary forums (both stampsfans and the other one) - Hoof, 3rd Down, Terry, the doctor from Montreal, few more)

Rider fans have the big numbers when it comes to fan participation - didn't know they had internet in Sask'n but evidently its been up 'n running on a test basis for a few years. BSD (Big Sexy Dawg), Danno, mfranc, few more are some of my favourites - but I was banned for life there too for unspeakable crimes - like criticizing the bombers. Worst part of riderfans is the insidious participation of super troll criminals like the notorious Lyin' Guy - a severe paranoid schizophrenic compounded by other mental problems. Nobody there has been able to incite more flame wars than this professional nob.

Area51 (Rick Foley's brother) is perhaps my favourite poster of all-time on almost any board (even the self serving twitter account of Michael Moore). Lots of fun, super accurate descriptions of various players and coaches and tons if additional insight.

Current bomber board infested by metabolic adults with the brain maturity of 8 yr old children. Self-admitted drunks, rounders, meatballs, slobs & other forms of urban humanity. Famous award by Guiness Book of Records - for most insects who can use a keyboard.