Montreal's Woes

I have never been a big Don Matthews fan, and really don't like his method of running up scores as he sees fit.
Nice to see him being brought down to earth recently.
He hasn't won in 5 games or since he resigned his contract extension.
Git that into ya!
Also, nice to see Calvillo coming unglued,I heard he got rocked 12 times vs. BC on Saturday night. Was he blaming his O-Line?
Shouldn't do that buddy!
This could take that "smug" look off his chops.
I wish we had another shot at them this season.

Oh how the mighty have fallen.

11 sacks allowed? I don't think Calvillo sees that many sacks a season!!
I just want them to do well so we don't have to have the Argos going to the Grey Cup this year!!

Calvillo had to run for his life.The Als offensive line had a complete breakdown.Matthews added two imports to the offensive line.His tinkering did not help.

Take away 3 wins over the Cats and they are 4-5, but still could peak at the right time.