Montreal's Walking Wounded

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markhmastersMark Masters

#Alouettes put QB Josh Neiswander, LB MO Brouillette, WR Prechae Rodriguez, RB Cobb, LB Curtis Dublanko, WR Danny Desriveaux on IR #CFL

If they can put Prechae on the IR then we should be able to hang onto McDaniels, etc.

lol I wonder if the CFL has any sort of strict rules as to how big the IR is and I wonder whether or not they do any sort of investigating as to if the player is actually injured. Do players get their entire salary? Does it count towards the cap? Can they just stay on there all season?


On the 1 game list, yes. On the 9 game list, no.

Yes. See Jason Boltus.

not sure what they see in Prechae...
most teams have figured the guy out, hes tall but has bad hands and isn't that fast.

Why doesn't the league expand the rosters? With only forty two players in such a collision sport it's a wonder more games aren't decided by injury. Everyone knows teams abuse the IR (like the Boltus example) so why bother pretending it doesn't go on?

No kidding. Currently the NFL has rosters set at a max of 53 with an active game day roster of 45...46 in some cases when an in active 3rd QB is listed as a reserve but is actually dressed. There is even talk that if the owners are successful in implementing the desired 18 game schedule that the roster size will expand even further. With the CFL already at an 18 game regular season schedule you would think that the two leagues would have comparable roster sizes.

They did by adding the 4-player "inactive" list.

Bigger active rosters would just mean more defensive specialists. That's what happened when the rosters were expanded to 42 -- teams stockpiled import DBs and LBs whose job is to shut down offences and kick returners. It's why we went through a period of boring football for several seasons, IMO. Adding even more players to the roster would repeat this. The fewer players that dress, the better the chance of mismatches and mistakes, which lead to exciting plays.

And what does that accomplish? There is still only forty two players eligible to play in a game.

There no rule size of IR but the players Count Toward your Cap #

Which is exactly my point. If these guys are getting paid anyway, what's to be gained by pretending they are injured?

Expand both the active and PR by three players each and establish some credibility to player injury status.

If they are on the PR, they can be grabbed by another team. That can't happen if they are on the IR.

True that. I'd rather see an enlarged active roster than fake IR status. Keep the PR where it is then.

I don't care if there is credibility or not with the injury status of a player. Whatever works works. One thing I like about the CFL is that guys have to learn more positions than the NFL with smaller rosters, I can only dream again of seeing 2 way players like Garney Henley.

Wonder if Thigpen ever thought of playing DB? Be nice for him to get his sixth type of TD. :lol:

The Blew Team made their moves late this afternoon, but had previously already put 10 names on the Injured List, so they just cut 20 and put 7 of them on the PR:

Makes sense, allows the team a couple of weeks to continue to evaluate players or work out trades at a minimum cost.

During the pre-season, teams cannot put players on the 1 game injury list;only 9 game injury list. The argos-internaly- show on injured list the players that did not play last night or last saturday. Copeland and Owens come to mind. At least 6 of the players shown on Argos injured will be on the active roster; players such as Bell,Copeland,Murphy,Owens,etc. If these players-shown on argos injured list- were officially on the 1 game injury list,they would not be allowed to play next friday.

With regards to practice roster, the 7 players that the Argos want to include have been released but they must clear waivers,before a team can officially include on practice roster.

Hamilton did the same yesterday and Montreal today; some of their players have been released,but not made public; if they clear waivers,they will officially be added to practice roster.