Montreals time zone a huge dettrement

So are they 4 hours ahead of us? What time would they have to get up our time to go get ready. This would be a huge advantage for Montreal its easier to stay up late than get up early.

A factor, but not a huge one. They are 3 hrs ahead of us. Lions have already started early practices to get used to the time difference.

It might be a factor. But it didn’t appear to factor too much in their win against Hamilton last week. Let’s hope they can hang on to any late game lead they might get.

Guess that's what the Lions have to deal with for crossing over to the "EAST". Called home field advantage just as it is when the Als come to Van and the game is at 7pm but it's 10pm to them.

the Lions can go straight from the bar to the game! that's an asset.

Called Home Field advantage, If we don’t like it, then we have to win a few more games so we are not in that position. The reverse happens when East teams play out here. Its a 10:30pm start for their body clocks.


Not Nessessarily. If they would have won 1 more game this year, they would have been in Calgary last weekend, and chances are pretty good, at home and on the couch this weekend.

For BC, starting at 10am Pacific time isn't much of an adjustment because most people are awake. However 11pm Quebec time is harder for Montreal because most people are asleep. But teams normally play better at home regardless of time zone.

There not really most people there football players, I would think they would have to get up around 6am our time. I didnt even know there was such a time till I checked lol

Its not that huge of a detriment. Montreal hasnt played a meaningful game since Labour we played in the east last week.

The difference is Bobby, Wally has his team practice early in the morning to get used to the eastern time zone the last two weeks. So the players can make the adjustment alot easier.

You got it all wrong, Mtl is 3 hours ahead of Vancouver, that means when the game starts at 13:00 in Mtl it will be 10:00 AM for Leos body clock (jees thats tough...) people are pretty much at their prime at 10 AM. When Mtl goes to play the Lions in BC, games start at 8:00 PM, so it is 11:00 PM for tha Als player body clock. Try to play a sport with intensity from 11 PM to 2 AM, that is much harder. Please don't whine on the time zone because it is advantaging you guys greatly.

umm i do believe this is the lions forum doc so they can whine about whatever they so wish