Montreal's Terrible Coaching Staff - - Worst in the CFL

Apparently Jim Popp decided to go with quantity instead of quality when he put together the Montreal coaching staff this year. Can't understand why Popp would have so many coaches with no CFL experience. Having a strong head coach like Trestman could cover up for it to a certain extent, but putting a buffoon like Dan Hawkins in as the HC of staff filled with CFL rookies is a colossal mistake.

HC Dan Hawkins - ZERO experience in the CFL. ZERO experience at the pro level. Total failure in his last job at Colorado.
OC Mike Miller - ZERO experience in the CFL. Complete disaster in his last job as Arizona OC.
DC Noel Thorpe - ZERO experience as a DC at the pro level.
ST Ray Rychleski - ZERO experience in the CFL.
OL Frank Verducci - ZERO experience in the CFL.
WR Erik Campbell - ZERO experience in the CFL.
RB Mark Speckman – ZERO experience in the CFL.
DL Keith Willis - ZERO experience in the CFL.
LB Mark Nelson – Took a demotion from Edmonton DC to Als position coach.
QC Ryan Dimwiddie – ZERO coaching experience at any level. Worst QB in history to ever start in a Grey Cup.
DA Jean Marc Edme – Essentially a glorified secretary.
SA Doug Berry – Mediocre coach with limited success at both Winnipeg and Saskatchewan.

Apparently you are forgetting about Edmonton.

Wow, really? That's insane.

I don't get what they were thinking this time. Trestman had a lot of CFL experience around him, despite not having any himself. This staff seems like it's custom built to drive Calvillo into retirement.

Ryan Dinwiddie isn't the Quarterbacks Coach. Mike Miller is. If you're going to rag on the Als, at least do it right. :?

this has the makings of Bart Andrus :expressionless:

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Yikes, that's pretty bad. Sounds like a show being run by a bunch of people who don't understand the huge vast differences of the Canadian vs American game.

Should be interesting to see how this turns out.

I dunno the defense looked pretty good.Thorpe not afraid to go with a rookie at Safety looks good. No osaio osaio in the secondary, Herbert to Will and Cox back in his normal spot being effective and not having to drop back into Herbert safety spot because Herbert has been moves to WILL.
Special teams are much better. Have the potential to get better as well. Devine has proven to be a weapon and Trestman could not figure a way to get that guy into the game.
Areas of immediate need. These are needs that Trestman ignored.
one PUNTER KICK OFF GUY. whyte went back to some very week punts and if the Als ever do get to kick off more i am sure his kick offs will be just as poor.
DesLaures has been wasting space on that roster a ton of it.
I agree that the patterns the big four are running are taking long to unfold and the line has not held up but Winnipegs Burke is no dummy. Assuring that he is able to focus on only 4 threats in receiving instead of 5.
Montreal did the same in locking up Matthewsand to some extent edwards but guess what buck not only had 3 other options but as we found out four. All Canadian Receivers. Etienne who I am sure the Als chose not to pay too much attention to was left wide open. Watson who was formely used by the old coach as a blocking receiver so he was left free alot in game two. Game two also saw a 6th receiver join the party in Kohlert.
After game one Montreal did adjust to make sure that Denmark did not get behind the defense but there were others that were found.

On offense who knows whats going on but they do have other limits due to injuries. They have three CFL proven RBs and all three are not 100% Jennings, Whitaker,and Messom, as well as AC got to guy in trouble last year Lavoi.
While the other four are running there long downfield patterns they are short some short out let passing threats due to injury and the some how determination to keep Deslaures on the Roster.
The Als have the ratio covered by the 5 Olineman and the MLB and safety spots so the search for another receiver is open to imports and Canadians.

AC now knows what other QBs in this league have gone through like a young darian durant who has had more head coaches and OCs in his short career than AC has had his whole career.

Its only WEEK TWO! Put the pitch forks and stakes away folks. It's a long season. Anything can happen. Everyone aside from the Riders are a .500 team right now so no one really has the right to judge. How about the experienced Stampeders staff that couldn't coach their team to a 2nd second half first down until like the final minute of the game.

I don't know what management was thinking when they assembled this staff. I brought this up in the off season, but most Al's fans were optimistic for the season, thinking that coaches like Trestman grow on trees. I was told Berry would make everything better :stuck_out_tongue:
Some mutiny starting in the clubhouse with AC's comments about the coaching staff, this has implosion written all over it.
I'm sure the Stamps D will be lickin their chops all week waiting for their next game.
The most confusing part was dumping all backups with any experience, so they don't even have an option to pull Waaanthony when he's struggling.

Popp didn't hire the staff. He hired the head coach. Head coaches ALWAYS pick their own staff.

Nope Popp assembled this staff

Link me.

Pay a bit more attention to the post before responding and you would have noticed the "QC" in front of Dimwiddie's name. That would be "quality control" that he's allegedly in charge of.

If I thought Dimwiddie's was the quarterbacks coach, I would have indicated it with a "QB".

My apologies for making a hasty assumption, but I do get a tad touchy when my team gets mocked so, as I'm sure you'll understand.

Don't kid yourself, Dimwiddie didn't get hired based on his résumé - - it was a classic example of the buddy system. Dimwiddie was the QB for Hawkins at Boise and he also was the starter for Doug Berry's 2007 Grey Cup failure.

I fully understand that you'd be upset at the current situation in Montreal. I'm not an Als fan at all and even I'm upset to see this sideshow they've assembled.

Don't be angry with me for pointing out the obvious - - direct your anger towards the management of your team to get Hawkins and these other jokes out before they ruin the franchise.

Well, he only started the Grey Cup because Kevin Glenn broke his arm the week before. They didn't have a lot of options.

Thorpe has CFL experience as a ST coach both in Montreal and Edmonton.

yes former coach of the Argos before they went out to get the Trestman understudy!

Still waiting ...