Montreal's strengths and weaknesses

What's the best way to stop AC?

How effective is their running game?

How do we best exploit their defence?

These questions are primarily aimed at those CFL fans that are somewhat familair with Montreal's strenghts and weaknesses.


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Strengths are many. Very aggresive defense, many different looks, disguise blitz packages well. The pash rush will be a huge test for our two new tackles. All that speed coming from the outside is tough to get used to. Offensively, a great o-line that gives AC time, quality receivers, depth at running back. Special teams, solid kicker, exciting return guy. Weakness(if any): Changes in the secondary (but the new kid with the two picks last week looks good). If we can pick up the blitz and give Jason time they can be burned through the air. A high risk defense. AC sometimes takes a long time to get into rythm, is prone to the odd interception. Conclusion: In my opinion the AL’s will win the east. A huge test for a team with so many new faces.

Well said. If we are as undisciplined as we were in the last game, it is going to be over very, very soon. The Als pressure packages on D can be countered by a quick-hit approach in the passing game as well as some deep balls mixed in. Counters can work well as far as the running game is concerned.

Defensively, the way to stop Calvillo is to contain him -- do not expect to shut him down. The defence has to remain aggressive in its pass rush and blitz packages, but the most important thing is to give him different secondary looks. If you run a vanilla zone approach against him, he will pick you apart. Linebacker play (particularly with the kind of deep drops Brooks was making in preseason as an example) is where AC has had problems in recent years INT-wise. He tend to get burned in the intermediate zones, so our LBs have to provide support in those areas and capitalize. As far as the running game goes, Robert Edwards is a sold back who can pound you late in the game. It is important for the defensive line (particularly the DTs) to get penetration, otherwise Montreal will "Chiu us up" late up the middle.

Special teams will be important. Montreal has always had very good special teams under Don Matthews and this year should be no different. Corey is going to have to make some plays for us to win the game.

Oski Wee Wee,

Montreal's D is overated, it's a gimik and every year they get burned big late in the year, but for some reason teams are baffled by it early on. We should just line up with 6 receivers and throw every play, that way they won't be able to blitz like crazed fools because they'll be leaving one receiver wide open on every play, also running is a wasted play on them, I know you can break a big one on them because they play so close to the line, but that only happens one out of ten runs and the other 9 are usually for no gain which means you'll be in second and long all game.

"otherwise Montreal will "Chiu us up" late up the middle."

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I honestly don't know what to expect from our offence other than seeing some interesting formations and varied play selections form Pao Pao. And if Montreal's secondary does play tight to the line, then Yeast should be able to get behind them. I hope he can burn them.

Defensively I'm worried somewhat, although I think Collier can be a wildcard here.

Special teams wise, Montreal always excels here, and Hamilton suffers, but having Fleming and Holmes should make a difference for us this year. I'm expecting drastic improvement from our special teams this year, and this week would be a good time to step that up so we can match Montreal, kick for kick, and punt for punt if not downright out perform them.

one thing we will miss is danny mac's quick release especially vs a team like the als who like to line up 7 or 8 in the box and blitz. maas is gonna need to make the proper quick reads and dump the ball to the right spot. hoping it could be another big game for corey holmes in that regard.

I watched the Wpg-Mtl game last week with a couple very passionate and dedicated Bomber fans. The Montreal team that played that game did not look in "season shape"....
AC requires pursuit, as he doesn't like being chased; if he gets tired or injured, you'll find Nealon Greene a lot easier to beat.
We need DJ Flick more involved in the gameplan, and its imperative that Corey Holmes be in his best form, both returning and at the running back position. (Montreal would be the ideal team to be able to play with both Ranek and Holmes, but thats life!)
Paopao seems to be able to beat the Don Matthews factor, and I believe our ST are on a par or better with Montreal...
We need the Defence to really step forward in this one, because the Alouette receivers can really burn you...

Should be a good game! We came up short on the Argo's due to discipline issues. As the team gels, and Jason gets confidence with "his" team, look for some positives to start happening.

I'm not predicting a victory. I'm not looking for a loss. And certainly not a blow-out in either direction. But I am looking for a really exciting game, where for the first time, we get to play a top line team that is NOT the Argo's...

Some very insightful posts here. Nice thread.

As an Als fan, I think this game is going to be tight no matter who wins it. The days of Hamilton being a pushover are gone and I like the potential of your offence with Maas, Homes, Ranek, Vaughn, Flick, and Cavil. However, your success will depend on Maas making the hot reads and finding receivers behind the blitz. If he doesn't get that ball away quickly, we are going to eat him alive. Our D-line is also much improved this year and I believe we will victimize your O-line, which is still finding its collective identity. It's going to be a battle in the trenches either way.

On the other side of the ball, you might be in for an unpleasant surprise. No, our offence didn't impress in game one. Yes, A.C. looked sluggish and tentative against Winnipeg's D. But keep in mind that we were missing two key receivers in Dave Stala and Sylvain Girard, as well as our starting fullback Mike Vilimek. Vilimek and Girard will be ready for tomorrow's game and I'm sure the entire offence will want to atone for their lackluster performance last week. With Hamilton fielding new rush ends and tackles due to injury, I'm not sure how effective your pass rush is going to be, and this may expose your secondary over the course of the game.

or on the first play.... but please, feel free to get my hopes up

All depends on Calvillo. If he is hot the Als will be too much to handle, however he has been on a slide since middle of last year,he has not been able to get comfortable with a deep treat since Coppeland moved on. If Hamilton can take away and cover the short medium passes...

Als also have a big advantage in the punting game. Returners have to be magic for Hamilton to compete for four quarters.

We have to play agressive D against Montreal. Winnipeg did it last week and kept the game low-scoring and close through three quarters. In fact, if the Bombers had of stuck to the run, they probably would have won. If we sit back and just let Montreal do their thing offensively, Calvillo will pick us apart. If we are physical with their receivers, I think our LB's can easily handle Edwards coming out of the backfield.

I also think it's important for us to score first to set the tone.

And this Chip Cox character isn't as good as his performance last week indicated. Remember, he is a rook. Glenn made Cox look like Less Browne. I say throw at receivers who this guy is covering all game long. There's no way he'll shut down Vaughn, Yeast, Flick and Ralph.


Mike Hogan and Chris Schultz were just talking about this ths morning on The FAN590's Football Friday.

Schultz liked what he saw in Maas last game.


Mike Hogan and Chris Schultz were just talking about this ths morning on The FAN590's Football Friday.

Schultz liked what he saw in Maas last game.


Mike Hogan and Chris Schultz were just talking about this ths morning on The FAN590's Football Friday.

Schultz liked what he saw in Maas last game.

wtf you just repeated yourself 3 times... anyway i havent really been following hamilton so im not sure on what to comment about them but from what im reading, im starting to have sick thoughts that montreal can pull a blow out. Now before you start blasting me, let me explain why. Someone mentionned that there are gonna be 2 new defensive ends: bad thing to have for a running back that averaged 6.4 yards/play last year. Second, ok Calvillo might be hooked on some of Ricky's Finest but, he still has Watkins and Anderson that could cause some trouble since ive been reading that hamilton played badly in the secondary.

Defensively, Als were monsters last week and they were probably the only reason we won game 1.

Anyway, a few turnovers can completly change the course of the game.

EastSde you are a refreshing reality check!

Tim Cheatwood will be there, and he's a "vet" and knows the challenge...the other DE's will be competing for a job, and where they are selected over the option of bringing back Joe Montford, you can bet that our front four are not going to be an issue on Saturday Night in Steeltown...
Like Coach Marshall says, if you don't let AC get on track, and chase him around a bit, he can get awfully "ordinary" in a hurry. Grant that we have to cover better than ever, but the special teams thing is really up for grabs...Hamilton could well be a lot better!

Yes, Russ can come up with some great lines. And you can refer to his signature for a similar line. :slight_smile: (And as for Kirk posting the same message three times, he probably clicked the submit button three times. It happens.)

Anyway, there have been some great posts made to this thread. And I figure that about all I can add to it is expansion on points that were previously made. I hope to see Collier play in place of the injured Cotton, as Collier averaged about a sack per game last year. We may still have difficulty defending against the run as we did last week, and our secondary may not be the greatest. Therefore, as was stated when we focused primarily on improving the offense in the off-season, the best defence is a good offence. I hope to see lots of Ranek and/or Holmes, although Montreal can defend well against the run. And that loud 13th player at IWS must be a factor. The Ticats defence has a fever, and the only prescripition is... more cowbell!

Anyway, what's with the lack of a game thread now? Or even a prediction thread? Anyone want to create these? I plan on being on them, but I keep losing my Internet connection so I might not be there the whole time.

Collier's stats were a wee bit padded with a four sack night against BC (and their slightly ordinary OLine) if i do remember correctly. even so it was a good effort all the same, and will be a valuable backup to Cheatwood & Cotton.