Montreal's running back: Robert Edwards or Andrew Hamilton

Robert Edwards for sure!!!!!!!!!!

Edwards is tooooo good for andrew

       Andrew Hamilton suck!!!!!!!!


lol who the heck is Andrew Hamilton??

I love that Andrew Hamilton hasn't played a minute in the CFL and somehow he's threatening Robert Edwards, our leading rusher and former NFL first-round pick, for the starting tailback spot. :roll:

I never heard of Hamilton either but he rushed for 1041 yards with 83 carries....
Thats over 12 yards per carry. I know its college ball but still!!!!!!!

I know nothing about Hamilton, but it raises a point:

Defences were on the ascendancy in the CFL this past year; passing game was down across the board; running game looks like the wave of the future, for awhile at least (and certainly for us, with Bellefuille calling the offensive shots).

So I think we should be looking at a two-back backfield as our basic set this year. Edwards is a great, straight ahead, power runner. We need to team him with a more explosive, 'quick' type scatback (along the lines of Charles Roberts). Don't know if this Hamilton is that kind of runner, but that's what we should be looking for.

I agree with Mad Jack. A two back system will be the way to go.

Wow! 12 yards per carry! Reggie Bush didnt even do that good! haha!

Edit due to stupidity

This sounds like the same guy who was at the CFL combine last year but wasn't drafted. Played Div II or III in the States. I thought he was in one of the CFL teams camps as a free agent and was cut. Maybe he's a late bloomer. More likely another John Williams...a useful special teams player and an occasional backup at RB.

Andrew Hamilton :lol: :lol: :lol: and maybe we can give Cahoon's position to Birungi and Matthews HC job to Pop :roll:

Hmmm. :?

Did we draft Birungi??