Montreal's QB situation

[Disclaimers: Sorry for posting about Montreal in the Ticats forum. Anyone not interested is invited to view another topic instead. I think it’s an interesting football story, and I generally avoid posting in other teams’ forums, so here it is.]

I’m increasingly fascinated by the QB situation in Montreal, and not just because of the Johnny angle. What they have gone through this year strikes me as quite remarkable. A bit of everything:

  1. High-profile NFL retread (Freeman) crashes and burns in training camp
  2. Biggest trade of the year lands them one of the most-hyped players of recent times
  3. Injuries to not three, not four, but five QBs on the team (Willy, Mathews, Shiltz, Adams, Manziel) means they are effectively starting their sixth-stringer!
  4. Another training camp casualty (Pipkin) is called back to the team, wins their first home game in a year, and quite possibly becomes the hero and starter
  5. Full-fledged QB controversy brewing, between unheralded nobody and underperforming Heisman winner

The only storyline we haven’t seen is the emergence of a star, but that could still happen.

On the injury side, though, I’m quite sure I have never seen any team lose so many QBs so quickly. We like to point out the incompetence of the Montreal organization lately, but is there a team in the league that could withstand so much turnover at the most important position?

This incompetence started many years ago when Popp let Calvillo linger to long and then did not develop a true successor. Instead they strung along Adrian McPherson for years who eventually bailed and left the door open to the ensuing QB carousel.

Combine that with poor Head Coaching selections as well as not properly replacing other aging veterans and the result is a perpetual debacle.

Which is just fine by me. 8)

Its too bad what is happening in Montreal, we know the feeling of having bad teams year after year.
Its not a controversy yet. Pipkin will have to prove himself for a few more games before it becomes problematic.

League needs a strong Montreal franchise.

I see a bit of similarity in the Pipkin and Masoli stories – both got their chance, after it appeared they likely never would, and by accident or almost no other choice situations. Masoli showed well, when he got his chance and, in fairly short order, became a legitimate CFL starter. I think the similarity will continue unless Pipkin lets the Johnny pressure derail his good start.

A decade without a Montreal franchise showed that, no, we don't. We probably can't afford to lose both Ottawa and Montreal at the same time. For now Ottawa is looking healthy, though it will interesting to see if support wavers once they start sucking again.

The league needs 8 teams, and one of them needs to be in Toronto. Everything else is negotiable, though it's preferable to have as much geographic spread as possible. The continued lack of a team in Atlantic Canada further shows that "full" geographic coverage isn't required.

So you would prefer Montreal fold?
We already have 2 weak franchises in Toronto and Vancouver - 2 of the largest markets.
Montreal is absolutely necessary, unless its better to have each team play each other 4 times a year - what a joke.

Never said I'd prefer them to fold, but you said the league needs a strong Montreal franchise, and that's objectively false.

If Toronto folds, it won't matter if there are teams in Montreal and Vancouver: The TV money would dry up. Vancouver folding would be a major blow, but perhaps not fatal. Montreal has folded before, and the league continued. Dropping to 7 teams would be a death blow. We need to make an 8 team headcount, and it's necessary for those 8 to include Toronto, but pretty much every other team is probably expendable, and we already know for a fact that individually, Ottawa and Montreal are each expendable.

I’m not convinced of this. The move to the outdoor stadium hasn’t done the trick after many (myself included) thought the Dome was a big part of the problem.

Does Toronto really provide the bulk of CFL viewers? and would they stop watching if the Argos folded or moved?

13,000 showed up to watch the Argos play the RedBlacks in Guelph this year. That’s at a Canadian University field with no where near the facilities at BMO Field.

I think the Argos could be viable in Mississauga or somewhere near the 401. Getting down to a game is near impossible these days by car.

Sorry for going off topic on a Montreal thread! It is amazing the turn over at the QB position there especially when you compare to Calgary who have had great QBs since seemingly forever.

Pipkin has earned the right to start whereas JM has not. If they yank P for J then I think P will either walk or get picked up by another team. He has done more in two games then all their QBs have done the rest of the season. I like the guy, shows promise.

Poor Manziel and his supporters. They thought this college phenom would come to the Cats and displace Masoli. Then when that wasn’t going to work he gets shipped to the rudderless Als to become the de facto quarterback. Then all of a sudden Antonio Football comes out of nowhere to kick Johnny off the fancy horse in Montreal’s QB carousel.

Any sympathy for him and has the extreme hype run it’s course?

Zero sympathy. As they were told, we’ve seen the hype on smaller scales over & over throughout the years. They didn’t want to hear it.

In all fairness, Manziel was not given a chance in Hamilton,
in Montreal, he was thrown into the fire way too early.
Kudos to Pipkin, for making the best of his opportunity.
Hopefully Sherman, knows his name now, its Pipkin and not Pitman!

What’s with the hate-on you’ve got for Manziel still? We had to put up with his super fanboys for four months, and in exchange we got four assets and four interceptions. He was nothing but professional when he was here, said all the right things, didn’t really do anything to rock the boat.

We don’t even play Montreal again until November, let it go…

edited, see Palmer’s comment below, which is good advice

I think it should be possible to criticize Manziel, or to point out his situation, without being referred to as “hating” him. I dare say most of us have never met the man personally, and have no particular feelings about him personally either way.

If you want to say some of us “hate” the hype that surrounds him, and which I feel he feeds into and off of, then maybe you are correct.

Agree 100%. It's unnecessary hyperbole to describe it as "hate".

The league needs 10 teams!!

Pipkin looks great…the odd interception is going to happen but when you have their defense to keep the damage to a minimum it’s okay…If Montreal tosses him away I would love to see him as a back up to Masoli…what a combo they would make!

Maybe we could trade Landon Rice for Pipkin. He's wearing a different jersey number, so we could tell Reed it's a whole different player.

There is no hate-on for Manziel in that post. On the contrary. As others have also corrected you there’s no further need to explain. Just pointing out the fact that Manziel can’t seem to catch a break. Twice he was to be anointed as a team’s starting QB and it hasn’t worked out for him. I then asked if there is any sympathy for his plight.

It also fascinates me what his fiercest supporters think so far about his non-impactful showing so far after half a season.