Montreal's new logo leaked (from

As reported by, the Montreal Alouettes’ new logo has been registered as a trademark.

I am amazed with how well they did with this. I fully expected the Alouettes to screw this up. The simplicity is great as they move away from the cartoon bird. I’m excited to see how the full branding looks.

Though I’ve always favoured the Delta Logo, this one is a nice improvement from their current look.

Was never a fan of cartoony looking logos so glad to see the Als have stepped out of the 90s here.

Clever use on the word mark too.

Hell no!

Leave the logo as it is

Pierre Orridge working inside the Montreal Alouettes organization, I see.

Johnny doesn’t like it at all! Horrible! >:(

Work on the team and fan support don’t worry about logo’s so much.

While I’ve never been opposed to cartoony logos for teams playing a little boys’ game, the new logo is a quantum leap better than the delta one. At least this one looks like a bird.


Agree with Ro and Johnny, no thanks!

Leave the logo alone and work on the “on field” product.

Seriously, what the heck is that?!

I think it looks fantastic. Very well done.

Its a bird with its wings shaped like an M

The more Johnny looks at it, the more he hates it!

I like it, too.

It’s good to bear in mind that when a logo is pulled from theCanadian Intellectual Property Office, it’s in black and white. Chris Creamer would have coloured it in based on speculation, so this may not be the final product.

Switching from an “A” logo to an “M” is also a good move so that more casual fans can wear the “M” to more represent their city instead of primarily the team. A lot of kids/young adults these days just wear logos on their hats because of the look. If more people buy into this, it spreads around brand awareness.

I like the logo, it has some clever elements like the late 70’s early 80 “delta” logo. Lots of A’s M’s and hidden birds.
The color scheme isn’t great IMO

Is the team now the Montreal Batmans?

Just wondering, is the “M” for Manziel?

It's the Bat signal.

I prefer the last one and more so the bloody horn “wings” but don’t particularly want the Als to put their best foot forward, so this one is fine.

It looks like a 3 year old’s drawing of a bird. ;D