Montreal's Chris Leak's post game reaction

I noticed at the end of the Montreal-BC game that the Als were all celebrating with the trophy. At the 40 yard line third string QB, Chris Leak was on one knee with his head down. Was there any comment on this as to why he was there? Serious replies only please.

I saw that, I thought he was just praying like some players do but they usually pray in a group :?

Being a former Gator I am surprised that he would not bond with his team mates. Urban Meyer taught him better than that.

Well obviously he’s the reason they won, so let him do what he wants.

I saw that -- one of two things that struck me as perplexingly weird. The other was why they were celebrating so much over the East championship. Was pretty much a given anyway. In the NHL guys don't even like touching the conference championship trophy.

I noticed it too but I immediately surmised he must be going through a personal tragedy of some sort with a family or friend.....someone close to him is ill ?...near death perhaps ? If so, maybe he'd feel guilty for jumping around having fun like a kid at that moment.

I say give the guy the benefit of the doubt......something was weighing heavy on his mind obviously.

His team-mates probably know the story and that's all that matters.