Montreals and BC records against each other.

In the last 12 games, BC has won 9 games out of the 12 against Montreal, I say that's damn good for us, we have an amazing chance to win this, which we will. Once again, 9 OUT OF 12 GAMES, we have one Agassiz Montreal, that's REALLY good for us. GO LIONS GO.

Actually, the Lions have won eight out of 12 games, with six of those coming from BC Place. Since 2004, BC has gone 2-4 at Molson stadium, winning in 2004 (with Printers) and in 2006 (when the Alouettes had their first losing season since returning to the CFL). But those were all different teams, so it's difficult to read into it. There is also the added intangible of playing in front of a 52,000+ crowd at Olympic Stadium, a place that a Lions team hasn't played in since 1997.