Great win over Calgary by Montreal.
We will have to be firing on all cylinders when the playoffs begin.
Montreal’s defence was brutal against Calgary.

Yes, but I think the Stamps kinda’ beat themselves too

This "we need to worry about MTL " needs to be nipped in the bud right now.
Traditionally as HTC fans it is our no 1 duty to worry about other teams more than enjoy our own success.
But we are 12-3 .
It’s time to do things differently.
And it starts by not giving a monkey’s arse what other teams do.

It’s a good example where the offensive stats mean bupkis.

12-3 is a very good season record. But when the playoffs begin, we’ll be 0-0.

So how is the loser, sad sack mentality ever going to change?

Not worried about anyone. If we lose we lose.

Certainly not worried though. We’re the best team in the league and should beat whoever we face in the EF.

If HAM and MTL reversed roles…
There’d be an even mix of "When will the magic end -we need to worry " “Why can’t we be more like MTL?”

Yeah, you guys are 12-3, without Masoli no less, and are almost certainly going to end up in first place. You’re the driver’s seat.

Coach O has been preaching from the beginning that he doesn’t care who lines up across the field. He cares about Hamilton executing Hamilton’s game. We execute, they don’t.

I am not worried about Montreal.

The ONLY team that can be the Tiger Cats this season is the Tiger Cats. Period.

Play smart, play 60 minutes, and don’t turn the ball over - Cats steamroll.

The only team that has handed our hat this year was Montreal, and that was before Masoli was hurt. If we treat Montreal like a team we’re supposed to beat that’s when we lose. Clinching early can also cause problems as we’ve seen so many times with Calgary, rust sets in, complacency sets in and it’s hard to get that mojo back.

It’s a nice kind of problem to have, though, isn’t it? You can rest key starters, install new plays and formations, and scout your potential playoff foes, without worrying about your place in the standing. I do agree that avoiding complacency is key.

This is great to see, two very good teams going at each other for the ESF. Can’t wait, by years end Mtl probably be rated #2 in the league.

When Mtl beat us, we had just given them a beat down the week before and as such, cats were complacent.

Tiger-cats will not take this team lightly.

Someone has to be the favourite. We will have a better record, home field, etc.

We should beat them.

Also, do you think Terrell Sutton will have a bit of a chip on his shoulder, should Montreal be Hamilton’s Eastern Final opponent?

Worrying that WPG or EDM is going to make some player moves and start winning. I’m worried they will beat MTL in the semi and beat us in final because we were too overconfident and didn’t worry enough. It’s worrying.

You can’t be serious?

We rock and will take on anyone, even the resurection of Warren Moon’s Eskimos!

Oskee wee wee M…F…s!

You missed his sarcasm.

I’m very much looking forward to the game in Montreal.
That will let us know how we stack up against them heading into the East Final.
I would be stunned if Edmonton managed to beat Montreal.

Montreal’s last bye week of the season came in week 12 meaning the East Final will(assuming they beat EDM)be their 11th game in a row without a break.

There’s a good chance we won’t clinch first place until we beat Ottawa in two weeks, that leaves the Toronto game as the only meaningless game we have before playoffs.
It will be a fun way to end the regular season, capping off what will likely be an undefeated home record against our favourite punching bags, those woefully brutal Argos.