Montreal without the Expos?

What is the take up north in Quebec's first city now that Major League Baseball has left?

Didn't think that they were very well supported, so would not think many would miss them...

Currious if this opens up more people that would be willing to support the CFL franchise instead, or more often...

Put simply, was the exit of the Expos a good or bad thing for the city, and the Alouettes? :?

Honestly, it changed nothing. No other team got any more support, because :

  1. It's not because you lost/gain a franchise that your interest for another sport changes.

  2. There were about 2 800 people going at the Expos games, most of wich were retired people looking for something to do.

:lol: :lol:

thought as much... So your are saying that there wasn't any sort of outrage at loosing their franchise? From all the towns down here that lost franchises in any sport, no matter how poorly they were supported, the fans and community have always lashed out at being "abandoned" or "betrayed"...

Sounds like their leaving was mutually agreeable for all involved.

That plus the owners were @$#%
They are now pulling the same stunt in Flordia. They want the Taxpayers to build them a new stadioum or they will move

Florida? Is that their spring training camp you are talking about?, the guy that used to own the Expos was bought out by the League and purchased the Marlins......he is complaining now that Pro PLayer Stadium is unfit for Baseball as it was designed for Football and wants the state/city to pick up the tab ona new ballpark or he'll move the team......

Or he will sell the Marlins and buy/move the Rays to LV, that's a rumor that's going around.

but I hate baseball now, so I don't care.

Baseball is sorely missed by tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of Montrealers who were fans for many years and watched on TV, listened on radio and used to fill the Big O and Jarry Park.
Baseball died in Montreal when penniless Brochu became the owner from Charles Bronfman and sold off the best team in baseball in '94(strike year), destroyed the spirit and the franchise, made a personal fortune, and then sold it off to a couple of crooks, Loria and Samson who made themselves many, many millions of dollars selling the team to MLB and getting a sweetheart deal for Florida from the brainless Bud (the rug) Selig.
I'd like to see any city in the world support a team that trades away for nothing Pedro Martinez, Randy Johnson, Larry Walker, Moises Alou, Wettelend, Hill, Barrett, Cabrerra, Vladamir Guererro etc.etc.etc. and does it on purpose!

Montreal would have won in 94, the “league” should ust award the 94 championship to the Exposso that there memory can live on with some more honor.

I found it a hell of a long year without Hockey all season and Expos baseball in summer. I used to listen to most games.
Thank God for the Als!!!!!!

Dont forget the rest of the Province. Thousand of people went to the Expos, that come from outside Montreal. I was living up north, and one weekend a year i used to drive to Montreal(9 hours car drive) to see the Expos. People from the regions went to the Expos, were listening to them on radio and tv.

The last few years of treason were just too much for everybody i think.

I think Montreal's best chance at "pro" baseball again is to start up the CBL again, but with diffrent rules (games end in ties and other unique rules) but there has to be enough intrerest and that just isn't there anymore.

Thousands of supporters went to see the Expos from out of town? Tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands Montrealers miss the Expos?

Pe-leaaaaze !

I know some of you guys were fans. Als-Molson, you are the only passionate Expos fan I have ever met. So I won’t try to convince you of anything. But saying the Expos are missed by hundreds of thousands of fans (or even tens of thousands) is pure denial. Where were the so-called fans when it was clear the Expos needed bigger assistance to prove their relevancy? Not even able to show up at critical times? Or was it that listening to a baseball game on the AM radio frequency was such a hot show that no one would leave home to see the game live in the stadium.

Quebec City lost the Nordiques over 12 years ago. You still can’t discuss hockey with Quebeckers without hearing about the Nordiques. People are still outraged and that happened over a decade ago. These were real fans. They still can’t let go of Alain Côté’s goal in the playoff either (“Y’était bon le but d’Alain Côté!”)

In Montreal, when the Expos left, there were about 40 people in the streets that complained for a day or two. It was pathetic.

Fans like Al Molson can find soloidus in the CFL.

Baseball sux anyway, real men (and women) play o watch CFL Football or old time hockey.

And, one more thing, don't come telling me the poor assistance happened just during the last few years.

Because the first job I ever had as a kid was for the Expos (yeah, I worked when I was a kid, but these were different times... the Tories were in power and they were plotting Kim Campbell's world takeover, so they could not focused on abused childs like me).

My job was to hand out promotional items to the fans at the gates. You know, the kind of promotions like "The first 5000 fans get a free baseball cap", or "the first 5000 fans get a poster of some Expos star player"...

Well, rarely did we give out all the 5000 items. People coming in late in the fourth inning (with bleachers tickets sold at 1$ apiece by burned-out scalpers) were still getting the "early bird" gifts.

The crowd was good only once a year: on the season opener. Then it was crap for 80 home games. Even when the World Series Champions were in town, no one bothered going.

Baseball was not meant for Montreal.

I didn't think about the Expos too much when they were around, when your a sports fan, you love some teams for a certin number of reasons and you hate some teams for a certin number of reasons and you have teams you don't feel anything for or agaist, and the Expos were in this catagory for me.

It's very sad to see how must Washington has srcumed up the team, (the Nationals or the National league??? please). needless to say there are in that hate catagory now. (sad music playing)

I basicly agree with you T&T but I dont remember the attendance being that bad untill the mid 90ies

Personally I was glad to see them go. I was fed up of hearing them say
Give us this or we are leaving, give us that or we move the team!!!

the unsaall repose to that question from a city like Montreal, that has two other pro teams (one that’s never going to move unless the league it’s in folds), is “like we care! You wanna move? GO!”

Like I said baseball basically started dying in Montreal when Bronfman sold them, but there were thousands of fans for years and still they ould have thousands of fans going to games if things had turned out differently. Our Governments in Montreal and Quebec don't give a sh*t about sports, otherwise the team would still be here.
Montreal has a long and illustrious past with baseball from the 40's , 50's, 60's when Montreal was the Los Angelas Dodgers top farm team and players like Jackie Robinson, Tommy Lasorda etc. played here.
Not too many people miss it now because it died a long slow death from 1994 until 2004. It was inevitable with the owners and Government we had and every year the team got less and less support until the end, even die hard fans like me wouldn't go any more.
Anyway I disagree with you T&T!