Montreal withdraws candidacy as World Cup host city; any CFL / Alouettes implications?

Canada is automatically in the 2026 World Cup of Soccer as one of the host nations. I would assume all their first round games will be played in Canada. Could be 3 or 4 games depending on how they arrange the groupings with 48 teams. USA and Mexico also already qualified as it's a three country hosting deal with 48 teams qualifying up from the current 32. Don't confuse next years 2022 World Cup in Qatar which Canada is still trying to qualify for still.

According to the wiki page above Montreal has definitely dropped out as a host city in Canada. Now only Edmonton and Toronto left. Not sure why Vancouver is not in on this unless FIFA demand grass fields. BC Place or whatever it is called now could handle the seating capacity requirements easily and soccer is popular in British Columbia. Seattle is hosting games, why not Vancouver? Dropping the ball somewhere there it looks like so far. The exact cities hosting I think can still change until a year or two before the event, so this is not cast in stone quite yet.

BMO field it states in the WIKI website will be expanded to 45,500 seats temporarily for this tournament.


I don't have a problem with the schedule where it is.

Still think it's important to pair up the Grey Cup and Vanier Cup on the same weekend which will take place around US Thanksgiving.

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Totally agree, totally and most emphatically


Not sure how many, but I love the Grey Cup. Just the thoughts of a CFL fan down south.


I don’t see it staying that way, especially with the single game betting. Start in April and Grey Cup on Labour day weekend. Have a secondary World Cup of Canadian Football from September to November with your back up players or start paying attention to U-sports.

This year Calgary, Ottawa and Vancouver teams didn’t qualify for Stanley Cup playoffs. You could still have had a football game in those markets. Even if your team was playing Vancouver had a nhl and CFL game going on at the same time and there was only traffic issues. Football fans don’t necessarily go to hockey games and hockey fans don’t necessarily go to football games. Ideally you would want games on separate days but if it’s not possible it’s not a big deal. Baseball isn’t as popular in Canada unless you’re a Bluejays fan and they hardly ever play in October

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It would have to be grass for the men's tournament as I understand it. A bit controversial as FIFA has had no problem allowing play on the plastic fibre rubber/sand infill surfaces for the women's world cup.

That said however, BC Place wouldn't be the first stadium to use a temporary grass field for such an event. I went to Liverpool v Porto exhibition at SkyDome in the early 2000s which was played on temporary grass. BMO Field did the same when TFC hosted big European clubs prior to installing their own permanent grass surface.

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Why would you advocate the April to September start.

Spring Football is yet to be successful in the US where the deeper talent pool is and yet you expect the CFL to go up against the NHL and NBA playoffs.

Or is it possible that it's all about the NFL.

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The CFL isn't going to make it long term without U.S. expansion. Spring football was successful with the original USFL. It died after going head to head with the NFL. The Spring League has been around for 5 years. I think spring football could work if it was given half a chance.

Unless a network is willing to invest a significant amount of cash to televise the CFL this idea of a spring league needs to stop.

A potential merger suicide was avoided.

If the CFL was desperate enough to go to a spring schedule it would have happened by now.

As for the NHL , if the division set up remains the same with 4 Canadian teams guaranteed a spot in the playoffs would alone cause the viewership to down for up to 8 weeks in the spring.

Sorry the population and demographic isn't deep enough to sustain that type of viewership with only 2 sports channels available which is an outright embarrassment for a country like Canada.

You're right without growth the CFLs future is bleak but the investment needs to happen in Canada first.


And all this has what to do with Mtl and the world cup of fake injuries?

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Dude, either you don't know your history or have a very selective memory. The USFL was a joke just like every other spring league! Sure they signed Hershel Walker and Doug Flutie and few other big name college stars at the time to make a big splash (mostly Donald Trump's New Jersey Generals), but they folded shop after their third year. Donny's angle was to get into the NFL via a merger, and since that was not happening he basically bailed on the entire USFL and it folded leaving all the debts to someone else. He tried to get into the NFL in other ways, but the league or other owners blocked him out.

To quote from the following WIKI page: "The USFL filed an lawsuit against the National Football League in 1986, and a jury ruled that the NFL had violated anti-monopoly laws. However, in [a victory in name only], the USFL was awarded a judgment of just $1, which under antitrust laws, was tripled to $3. This court decision effectively ended the USFL's existence. The league never played its planned 1986 season, and by the time it folded, it had lost over US$163 million (over $389 million in 2021 dollars)." ----> YES A HUGE SUCCESS!! :smiley:

There is a great documentary on this entire fiasco by ESPN 30 for 30: Small Potatoes: Who killed the USFL? - ESPN Films: 30 for 30

I recall Hugh Campbell of the "Eskimos" was a head coach in the USFL too after the Edmonton dynasty string ended in 1983. Warren Moon then left for the NFL. Several CFL'ers tried out for the USFL as they were offering more coin. It had a bit of success in cities with no NFL teams, but similar to the XFL and other spring league attempts the initial fad of these leagues quickly wears off.

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I’m not well informed enough to give an insightful answer, but I’d have think that
one doesn’t have much to do with the other.

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Nobody has any clue what becomes of FIFA and UEFA by 2026 given all that has been and is astir let alone events leading up to even having a World Cup starting in November in Qatar. I'm very wary.

For 2026 aren't they entertaining or did they decide an expansion of teams beyond the already fine 32?

Given the quality of a lot of soccer at this level by some of the teams who qualify, I don't like it at all. There are already plenty of games in the group play now that are duds.

Portugal, for example, qualified for the knockout rounds in 2010 with two scoreless draws yet defeating a hapless North Korea 7-0.

Imagine the crap soccer we see from CONCACAF, and some from CONMEBOL like in Copa America now, expanded all the more. Yuk.

I do believe there might be an exception with high standards as allows an artificial or hybrid surface, such as was used in St. Petersburg, Russia for this Euro 2020 tournament. Of course that is UEFA, but I do believe that FIFA has its standard as well.

In 2026, the tournament is expanding to 48 teams divided up into 16 groups of 3.

It's all about the cashola.

Yuck indeed....I played soccer until the age of 20. A great game to play, but I can’t stand it as a spectator....the diving and bad sportsmanship make it a cringe fest.

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And yet it's the world's popular league.

Cricket :cricket_bat_and_ball: is better (the shorter version), lacrosse, Canadian Football, Rugby League, and , ok , the Hockey :ice_hockey::field_hockey: as well.

I'm with you and I played mostly since an adult starting at age 18 until well into my 40s because there just was not much of it where I grew up in the US at the time.

Most amateur soccer is awful to watch as is most professional soccer.

In this Euro tournament for example, about half of the games are solid to watch and almost always with at least one the best 8 sides or so of the 24.

A World Cup with 48 teams? Woof. There will be a lot of duds in the group stage action. We'll see what happens with this mess brewing in Qatar and go from there.

Yes it is. Canada and the U.S. are the only non soccer crazy countries there are.
Billions of dollars are ripe for the picking.

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It’s not even close. It’s all about culture, I think.
If I grew up in the UK, I’d undoubtedly be a soccer fan and still find a nil to nil
match exciting. Glad to have been lucky enough to grow up watching our brand of football.

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