Montreal withdraws candidacy as World Cup host city; any CFL / Alouettes implications?

Will this impact planned renovations to Olympic Stadium and and the Alouettes' ability to host Grey Cups?

If so, all the more reason for the CFL to overhaul how it does business to be come less individual club and stadium revenue reliant.

I don't believe it changes the Alouettes resolve to host a Grey Cup somewhere down the line.

The Big O and it's current roof are suspect in winter months because any snow accumulation over a certain value and the venue is deemed unsafe for occupancy.

I suspect this is why Montreal last hosted in 2008.

So I'm wondering if the roof replacement is still on track or if any other modernization initiatives will happen with Olympic Stadium with the WC not happening in Montreal

My understanding is the big O can't host events during the winter months (November through early March) because of the concern of snow accumulation on the roof as noted above.

Even if the XFL Partnership/Merger doesn't happen, the league is likely to move the schedule up 3-4 weeks anyways so among other things, it would resolve this tissue and Montreal can host Grey Cups again.

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Not true.....Ice melters were installed years ago and the impact has played there during a major snow storm
A few hundred million for 3 no-name soccer games is not justified and the Quebec government planed to redo the roof long before the bid for the world cup of phoney injuries


Agreed.. as much as I'd love to see The Big O spruced up to modern standards, to do so for 3 international soccer games is ridiculous.

I wouldn't oppose public funding for a massive facelift in general if it meant the stadium were guaranteed to host multiple world class events for years to come.

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Even though it may be just 3 games, it's still a huge economic impact.
Whether you hate soccer or love it, the international teams bring in their own fans, it's like having 3 Grey Cups. They could sell out all tickets to international fans.
Toronto and Edmonton will be happy to get more games and more fans/tourists coming in.

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No, not a chance
Its a joint venture between the US , Canada and Mexico
You think that Italy vs Spain in going to be played in Canada? You think any of the big name games would be here?

The last number I heard was in the 200 million(quebec and Montreal) range, You think fans from Burkina Faso, Equatorial Guinea AND Ethiopia are going to generate 70 million per game?

We may not get Italy or England or Spain it doesn't matter. The poor countries that you mentioned won't even qualify. We may get a small Euro country or an Asian country we don't know, the point is these countries will bring their own fans, sell out hotels and fill the bars. Tickets will be sold out and it won't be people in Toronto or Edmonton buying the tickets
Each world cup team will make one of the North American cities their home city for the first round, they will train there and play home games their. When they play at home the will bring in visiting countrie's fans. Canada will probably qualify because they are a host, don't know

Looks like you don't care about soccer or the world cup but it is a huge economic impact. I don't really care either but if these foreign tourists want to come in and spend a lot of money that's good for our economy.
Where did you come up with the $70 MILLION per game?

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Please...not for the nothing games!
No I don't care about grown men rolling on the ground pretending to be hurt
Second there is no way that its worth the hundreds of millions of dollars for 3 games.

And don't forget its 200 million today.....5 years from now it will be double
And then there is the hypocrisy of the mayor who said she would not spend a penny for a baseball/football stadium but would spend at least 100 million on 3 soccer games

Moving the schedule up 3-4 weeks is not happening any time soon.

Let's have the start of the CFL season up against the NHL and NBA playoffs and finish up against the World Series.

No thanks I will stick with the November-December Grey Cup.


I agree but the Dec cup is a one time event

Hey if it sells out, who knows it be a normal thing , although it should on the first $unday of December (1-7) and it avoids US Thanksgiving.

In other words, no games scheduled during American Thanksgiving.

I don’t imagine many people celebrating the US Thanksgiving care about the Grey Cup, nor many people celebrating the Grey Cup care about the US Thanksgiving.


Well put Palmer!

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You don't think that CFL fans could watch more than one sport in a week?
The CFL goes up against the World Series in October, up against the NFL in Sept, Oct Nov, NHL and the NBA in November.
The only thing I would change would be the November playoffs switched to Saturday, football fans can watch the NFL on Sundays and the CFL on Saturday.
The Grey Cup on the Thanksgiving weekend has always been held then and would make no difference if it was switched.

Leave it where it is


Why on earth would you switch to Saturdays and get less people watching the CFL ?

It's bad enough they abandoned regular season fall Sundays because of ridiculous CTV BELL TV that surrenders the CFL from the Sunday market and makes sure any fans turn to the NFL in the Fall .

The CFL needs someone else broadcasting their games TSN made the CFL their little bitch . They abandoned U sports football .

Competition grows the game here in Canada this monopoly approach which stabilized costs versus revenue worked initially now it kills growth and works against CFL best interests .


We are football fans, we want to watch both.
Why would you want Sunday CFL games at the same time as NFL games?
CTV has to simulcast NFL games on Sundays because if they didn't Canadians would just watch the US broadcast.
In the fall you can watch CFL Friday night, Saturday afternoon and night and the NFL on Sunday.
It's all about football!!

What they need to do is go back to 1 game on Saturday and one on Sunday


How do you choose from the huge slate of NFL games at one time ? They seem to compete against each other .

Time of the year has always played an important part of the traditions .

In the fall months Saturday is actually traditional now for some time as college game day here and in the states .

Sunday is pro football day .

As a NFL fan the CFL has never hurt my NFL watching on a Sunday . I watch the games that interest me .

If a CFL playoff game is second tier to a regular season game on the NFL schedule the CFL is done .

My preference is the CFL and only having on the shelf NFL to watch on Sunday hurts the CFL and helps grow the NFL in Canada .

and The NFL doesn't need any help especially from what is suppose to be CFL partners .

TSN has plenty of room to have the CFL on Sundays and forget the CFL triple headers on Saturday .

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