Montreal @ Winnipeg

Which Bishop do we get today?

Hopefully we can sneak one past these dirty birds.

Apparently you aren't at the stadium for todays game. Did last weeks game help
you make your decision?

Damn early starts! I completely forgot about this game. And I wanted to gamble and switch my pick, too. :lol:

Hmmmm, with what is at stake for the Esks, I'm wondering if you forgot about this game or mentally blocked it. :wink:

Hey, Bishop v3.4 looks good.

Nope, despite the result I had a great time with my nephews at the game last week.
Just plain can't make it this week, I try to go to as many as I can.

Need Bowman back in.

Put EE in the East...ha

Glad to hear you had a good time.
Bombers looking good all around. Won't hold that interception against Bishop, just a great play by
the Als defender.

Game of few flags.....nice

Nah, I just don't care about the Esks right now. I'm more interesting in moving up the standings in BigDave's VGCC. :smiley:

Aggresive slashing backs seem to be effective against M A.

IF Riders play Al's ,Cates might as well stay in the back-field an block

Helluva toss by Bishop.
Bombers looking good in all aspects of the game.

Should've switched, should've switched, should've switched... :frowning:

Who the hell are these guys???????

Am I in bizarro world or something? :lol:

Very nice, good for Kelly's Bombers.

Bishop = 12-20 for 319 3 td in first half.

need the Bombers to win, to help kick the Esks out of the playoffs!!

Even after watching the 1st half I had to double check your numbers for Bishop.
Just too hard to believe.
What was in that piece of cake I had?

I tell ya, Montreal better wake the hell up in the second half! I want a perfect week! :x