Montreal @ Winnipeg

Week 2, and the first game is tonight, with the Als taking on the Bombers:

MONTREAL- Imoh is a good find, but their offence needs to pick it up. They only managed one point against the Riders-- the other 6 were safeties given up by Boreham. The Als need another capable receiver to complement Cahoon and Watkins.

WINNIPEG -- We know they can score, question might be are they going to be better at stopping the other team from scoring? Glenn looks to be getting more comfortable and confident as a starter. Westwood is benched for this game- it will be interesting to see if that part of the Bombers game improves with Pikula placekicking and punting.

Pretty accurate I'd say Sambo (just that it was Boreham, not Congi, who conceded the safeties; and it's "Complement", not 'compliment'). Picky, I know.

One point I think you missed about Montreal however was the offensive line. They gave up 8 sacks to Saskatchewan, and remember that was a makeshift D Line the Green Riders were using, with a backup LB (Kitwana Jones) playing defensive end. If Montreal's O-line doesn't show a vast improvement, guys like Brown, Canada, Walls, and ol' Nate will have a field day.

Thanks MadJack, I fixed those :oops: , and good point on the Oline.

In addition to Pikula for Westwood/Fleming, the Bombers also will start Haywood for Davis at DT, and Bush at DB and O'Neal Wilson at NI receiver.

Normally, I'd say run Edwards right over Haywood, but with Barrin Simpson lined up behind him, that'd be a bad plan for this game.

If AC's telling the truth, the sacks given up by the Als' O-line were an anathema. If (as he stated) he was taking five-step drops instead of the three-step drops the plays called for, he was dropping right into the spot where his tackles were herding rushers. He should've been in front of the rush, and the ball should've been out sooner given the quicker drops.

Hey Jack, I watched the highlights of the game on the TSN vid, funny thing, there are no highlights of Calvillo passing, not a one, so it's hard to say what sort of a drop he was taking.

As for Haywood, he may be short but man is he wide, it would be like running head first into a fridge, and he has motor that won't stop. If AC goes to a three step drop, he better be getting rid of the ball because the pressure will be coming from up the middle tonight.

Although Im not a big Westwood fan, he did handle his demotion with class, and not enough professional athletes do that these days.

I couldn't agree more, Sambo. It's a shame he's not even getting a chance to fight head-to-head with Pikula.

My bet is they'll wish they had Westwood kicking in October when the weather starts to get ugly. He's been booting balls into that wind for 17 years. No first-year Bomber is going to be able to figure that out on the fly. And I've got a feeling every point's going to count down the stretch this year in the East.

Tonight's game should be interesting.

Last week Winnipeg's defence and Montreal offence both looked weak.

Tough game to call, but I think Winnipeg will come out with the win because they can probably outscore Montreal if Montreal doesn't fix the issues on offence.

Go Bombers Go!

....looks like as sell-out at the stadium...they might even lift the black-out....all the more to see Milt set the record....Bombers d' better do a better job than they did in Edm. ....just more ties....go BigBlue :thup: :rockin:

Winnipeg 28 Montreal 21

anyone know if the game will be blacked out or not?

Looks like Winnipeg's defence is sucking worse than Montreal's offence. Calvillo is tearing them apart.

Looks like Winnipegs Kicking game is worse than both those put together.

2nd quarter all belonged to the blue bombers. lets go milt, number 138 tonight bud.

Whoever had the wind at their backs looked much better. excellent game thus far...

Milt want a flag every time someone looks at him :roll: i hope Dave kicks his a$$ :lol:

So, looks like Calvillo has 11 sacks so far this season. How many TDs does he have? :?