Montreal-Winnipeg game myth

Apparently, in the game on saturday with the bombers versus the montreal alouettes, the reason that the alouettes lost was that they want Winnipeg to have the home advantage for the east semi final so they will be able to play them in the East final insead of the hamilton tigercats, according to sources.

I would like what ever that source has for smoking! Somebody opened a thread like this in the Cats form. Yes the cats n bombers got over 800 combined yards vs the Al's But they were bouth playing for there playoff life's! And Al's overly had nothing to play for! Didn't want to injure more guys seeing as 1/3 of there D Was banged up! No A.C also helped the cause.
The bombers D also played VERY well! Im looking forward to the Bomber Vs Cats Pre playoff, playoff game!:stuck_out_tongue:

all this conspiracy talk is pure bs... its like cats n pac said, this game meant nothing to the als... you can say ur going to play hard still but subconsciously it doesnt matter enough and its really hard to go the extra mile out there when you dont need to. and the bombers and cats are playing good ball, and needed to win, and the reason for all the points against is i think the als secondary is really struggling, from being banged up and whatever else... it could be a real problem for them come playoff time but who knows. the als are a good football team, it probably doesnt matter in their minds who they play in the playoffs...

and on that note if the als were trying to avoid a team it may be the BB

the bomber defense is very very good.... if bishop protects the ball the bombers can run with anyone right now... glenn is hot in hamilton but i dont think their d is quite as dangerous as wpgs.. especially in the secondary

.....WHAT A BUNCH OF HOGWASH......Let's see......which team is the 'hottest' right now ...i think a lot of fans would agree it's the Bombers..... In any case , if there were any validity to this dumb rumour (which there isn't)...wouldn't that be the team you would want to avoid playing :thdn: ... :lol: :lol:

When I saw the title of the thread, Montreal Winnipeg game myth? I assumed you where going to say the myth was that the upcoming game between Montreal and the Peg was a meaningless game. I am reading that and seeing it everywhere, couple articles said the same thing. So I was disappointed that you where talking about some crazy conspiracy theory instead.

I see :lol: While its true I love a good conspiracy, I think Papa covered it. Why would they not try and beat Winnipeg to improve on Edmontons crossover chances?

it does, after all, make a lot of sense to want to play the team that's 4-1 in their last five instead of the team that's 1-4 in their last five.

I doubt the Al’s overall care who they play, In fact, its probably in the back of their minds! What they are thinking about is New plays and thinking about next week and the week after! Not about OHH were more afraid of bombers cuz they are doing alot better more recently!, Thats Ludicrous! What Overall The win boiled down to was The bombers WANTED and NEEDED that win more then MTL! This was overall a Meaningless game for them, They still don’t want to loose, but didn’t have the fire like MTL and Hamilton for that matter had! If you play them In the post season, Don’t expect to throw for as many yards Don’t expect to see such little pressure on M.B. And Expect to see A.C doing what he dose best, ripping apart The secondary! The difference in The Hamilton Vs MTL and Peg, is Pegs D stepped up and Hamilton’s Didn’t! If you think they lost on purpose, your FOOLISH! nobody wants to loose, unless Ur the Toronto Maple leafs! Don’t expect to have it so easy in MTL They have something LARGE to play for this week! perfect record at home!

I agree that the idea that the Als would throw a game is preposterous. These so-called sources should immediately contact their doctors because they've obviously missed a few rounds of their meds.

On defense, weren't the Als missing 2 starters for the Ticat game (Emry and Sanchez) and 3 starters for the Bomber game (Ferri, Emry and Sanchez) due to injury. The only starter missing from offense was AC against the Bombers and for half the game against the Ticats. What other starters were out? As well name me one team that doesn't have banged up players at this stage of the season.

Can anyone imagine Trestman and his coaches sitting in his office devising plans.

Trestman: We're going to throw the Bomber game. Suggestions on how to do it without being obvious?
DB Coach: Why don't I talk to the DBs and tell them we want them to let Bishop throw for over 400 yards against them.
Trestman: But we have the best defense so if they fall apart for one game...
DB Coach: Hmm. Yeah, you're right... I know, I'll tell them to let Glenn throw for 500 yards the game before so no one will get suspicious when Bishop does it.
Trestman: Okay, that'll work. But we want to win against Hamilton. How do we do that and still give up over 500 yards offense? Hmm.
OC: I've got it! We'll have AC build up enough of a lead to win and then pull him for the rest of the game and then let the Tabbies score enough points to almost win.
Trestman: That could work but how do I explain pulling AC...
OLine Coach: An injury! I'll have our o-line let the Ticats D through a few times. We could say AC was hurt so he had to be pulled.
Trestman: Good. Good. He could be hurt enough that we can keep them guessing on whether he's coming back for that game and the next and then put Adrian in for his first start in Winnipeg. This could work but we'll still need some help from the oline to get this done.
OLine Coach: No problem. I'll just have them let the Bomber d-line run over them a few times.
Trestman: Great. Sounds like we have a plan. No need to worry about Adrian. He's young. Whatever happens, he'll get over it.
DB Coach: Yeah and I'm sure my DBs won't have a problem with it. Giving up over 900 yards passing in two games won't affect their confidence at all.
Trestman: I love it. I love it. You guys want to help me write the scripts?

Blue Blood should work for Saturday Night Live! Now that was funny :lol: :thup:

Any fan, Ticat or otherwise, who believes Montreal threw the game is an idiot. BB fans, this is not what all Ticat fans think, only a select few. You beat the Als, fair and square, a beauty of a win, BTW.

That being said, Montreal has played poorly defensively the past few weeks. McPherson realized that being a starter is a lot different then being a backup (WPG had the benefit of game film, Hamilton didn't).

But overall, solid win!

I think sometimes emotions combined with liqueur takes over the pituitary gland and makes people say and do stupid things :slight_smile:

Has nothing to do with the colour of the Jersey, except when watermelons are involved.

LOL well put