Montreal @ Winnipeg - 21 Sept. 2018

So I see that Johnny Manziel will be starting at QB for the Montreal Alouettes on Friday.

I also see that Matt Nichols will start at QB for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers against the Alouettes.

Moreover is Andrew Harris really hurting? Might Timothy Flanders not be given the start in place of Harris?

And will Weston Dressler be ready to play again this week? But I see that Ryan Lankford is still listed on Winnipeg’s practice roster. Will both Kenbrell Thompkins and Corey Washington really be ready to play on Friday?


I really wanted Nichols to do well, but nowadays, I think it is stupid not to start Streveler

Many in Winnipeg now complaining an inferior head coach (O'Shea) is protecting Matt Nichols.

The alternative idea, however is starting to pop.

Perhaps he's protecting Streveler.

In any event, the bombers are not very good, a team in full disarray - but still saluting the flag and going to school every day like little school kids.

Salute the flag every hour Mike O'Shea, stay stoic in the engine room of the Titanic. You're employed so long as the CEO doesn't notice the boat is taking on water!

Winnipeg wins

It’ll be touch 'n go - mainly because Montreal is a far worse CFL unit than Winnipeg.

Even Mike O’Shea should be able to punch his ticket on a rickety old coot like Mike Sherman.

I’m pretty convinced though that Manziel has the perfect set-up for a massive coming out party - a tepid Richie Hall defense, a nervous, over-detailed Winnipeg head coach & a slumping Matt Nichols.

That said, Manziel doesn’t have the weapons or field insight to toss for more than 200-250 yds & Matt Nichols can’t possibly be as awful as he’s been the last slew of games.

Or can he?

The problem with the Bombers??
Plain and simple it Mike O’Shea , he’s to tentative and not aggressive what’s so ever …he’s into tight with Greg Walters

O'Shea has become a problem mostly because of what he doesn't do vs. what he actually does (mostly status quo and stubborning things out)

But O'Shea doesn't touch the QB, that would be Paul Plop - so Nichols going sour isn't directly related to O'Shea. Indirectly, perhaps - a bad head coach can infect the entire team . . . .

Right now is holding a poll about which QB is under the most pressure this week - Nichols currently leads John Manziel 40% to 37% with Jennings, MacBeth & Collaros not really factoring in.

Of all the QBs on the poll, I would bet on Nichols bouncing back before any other simply because he has done it before and has more experience. Also the bombers owe him the chance to get back in it. How many teams would like to have Nichols right now ?

At this point Nichols is proving he’s nothing more than a tall Kevin Glenn! Perhaps not even up to the standard of Glenn - I also doubt whether at the end of the day Nichols career stats come anywhere close to Glenn’s.

What happened to Nichols? He went from zero to SUCK in 3.2 seconds!

for all we know, he hasn’t totally recovered from his last injury. Could be the same with Jennings.

sometimes injuries have very long lasting effects.

I’m not ready to give up on him either. He should be given a chance to get back to form. But he also needs help from the team.

Good pre game story on Division 2 players and the CFL .

Like the now you know feature on TSN and

also Like Derek Taylors numbers analysis as well .

Jessie Williams of Manitoba could win a million dollars if the Als return two bomber kickoff returns to the house.

Trouble is might not be that many bomber kickoffs w/ Nichols still engineering the bomber offense.

Who’s the worst coach between Mike O’Stubborn and Mike Sherman. Expect standard poor coaching tonite!

When was the last time the Als ran one back, let alone two in one game!

Old Lopin’ Adarius Bowman making one wonder if his hands are now as bad as his foot speed.

Bowman pretty well washing out of the CFL in front of our very eyes!

Good move by Gomer Kyle (GM) getting rid of the guy - after signing him to a big off-season contract. He’s done like dinner!

The Bombers just suck and have done so for 28 years and counting. Problem is they will continue until they get private ownership that does not meddle in football operations along with real manager, scouts, coaches, and players. Yep a whole new organization is required. Otherwise they should change their name to the Winnipeg Ground hogs as it is ground hog day year after year with these clowns.


Still Winnipeg wins. Montreal no QB!

Montreal no o line, no receivers