A Montreal defeat of the B.C. Lions IN THEIR OWN STADIUM IN FRONT OF ALL THEIR FANS WOULD HAVE BEEN GREAT. But because the Lions CHOKED, the Als will have to settle for the doormat Eskimos.

Sorry to bust your bubble Edmonton fans but the Montreal Alouettes will win the Grey Cup this Sunday in British Columbia HANDS DOWN. Edmonton does not stand a chance.

First of all Montreal is riding a WAVE OF MOMENTUM. Montreal will win for this reason alone. They have dismantled the lowly Toronto Argos, the ''best'' team in the league. They are now more confident than ever. This Montreal Als team is reminiscent of the 2000 B.C. Lions and the 2001 Calgary Stampeders: two teams that had mediocre seasons but peaked at the only time that REALLY mattered and eventually won the Grey Cup. I see parallels between this Montreal team and those Lions and Stamps teams. Don't even dare to make the argument that the Eskies are also on a hot streak. They've been winning games thanks to blown calls by the refs. IT WILL HAPPEN ESKIE FANS. SO GIVE UP NOW!!!

The Als defense is back and better than ever. They shut down the Roughriders. And they shut down the so-called ''best'' QB in the league in Damon Allen. The Eskimos offense is so overrated and the Als defense will EXPOSE THEM FOR THE FRAUDS THAT THEY ARE.

The Evil Empire has a very questionable secondary. Look at Malcolm Frank. How many times did he get burned against British Columbia?! Come Sunday, Frank will be burned so many times and so will all of the Edmonton secondary. They are nothing but a bunch of turnstyles that will let everyone through. Infact, the Edmonton secondary almost lost the game for Edmonton. But they will DEFINATELY LOSE THE GREY CUP GAME FOR THE ESKIES. Calvillo and his receiving corps will pick them apart. It will be like surgery. NOBODY WILL STOP TERRY VAUGHN AND THE MONTREAL RECEIVING CORPS. NOBODY. You can put the entire 43 man Edmonton roster on the field along with the coaching and football operations staff, management, and Hugh Campbell and they still won't stop the Montreal receiving corps!!! AND DON'T MAKE THE EXCUSE OF ''SHOWBOAT'' MONTFORD bringing pressure. He won't help at all because he is old and slow and Montreal's O-line is FAR SUPERIOR than B.C.'s. On top of that, you can't tell me that Eric Lapointe won't run wild all over your suspect defense. He'll be voted Most Outstanding Canadian of the Game with over 100 yards rushing. And with Calvillo leading the attack, there is NO WAY MONTREAL WILL LOSE THIS ONE.

Montreal's quarterback situation is stable and Calvillo is the best QB in the league. Maciocia's starting QB is inconsistent at best. Ricky Ray is a walking injuring. This Sunday, THE ONLY COMPLETIONS HE'LL BE MAKING WILL BE TO MONTREAL DEFENDERS. No wait, he'll make one big completion for his team. HE WILL COMPLETE THE DEMISE OF THE EDMONTON ESKIMOS!!! Coach Machoker will be too reluctant to even play that hothead Jason Maas. Oh wait, he will be play him. But only after the Als are up by 25 points in the dying seconds of the 4th quarter. It will be too late....

Speaking of coaches, Montreal has BY FAR THE BETTER HEAD COACH. Don Matthews is more seasoned, more experienced, and more football saavy than Danny Maciocia. Matthews has THE BETTER PLAYERS, BETTER TEAM OVERALL and HE KNOWS HOW TO DIRECT THEM. Don Matthews is the DEAN OF THE CANADIAN FOOTBALL LEAGUE. Maciocia is still a freshman student trying to figure out how to read the lunch menu.
Montreal just wants this one much more than Edmonton. Honestly, the Grey Cup is nothing more than a formality.

Look Edmonton fans. Just give up now. Sports Checks and Foot Lockers all over the city are putting up liquidation sales. 95% off ALL EDMONTON ESKIMOS MERCHANDISE. The city of Edmonton WILL NEVER RECOVER FROM THIS SUNDAY'S IMPENDING LOSS. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

…I’m sold…

Hmmm another new poster that just got on with a detailled insight. At least he has spell check unlike the other ones.

Ahhhh!!!! It's here too...

Ok last time i checked everyone said that it was the Lions to win GUARANTEED. But well as i said that didn't happen. I said the Eskimos would make it to the show. Now you can never doubt a team in the CFL. Edmonton has a great chance to beat Montreal. And no sport can ever have a guaranteed win. So it can go both w.ays

The only guarateed is death and taxes........

and crooked politicians...


and idiots making guarantees.

how bout idiots making guarantees that are wrong :slight_smile:

It was an exciting game, and I'm glad I went, even if the Als didn't win in the end. Other than the 94 Cup, that was the most exciting game I've ever seen.

The Leos will be back next year, and next year we will take the Cup!

StephenMandel haha nice 2 see you waste so much time and still be wrong :stuck_out_tongue:
Go Eskimos Go !!!! Greatest team in pro sports and you under rate them shame on you :stuck_out_tongue: