Sorry to bust your bubble Edmonton fans but the Montreal Alouettes will win the Grey Cup this Sunday in British Columbia HANDS DOWN. Edmonton does not stand a chance.

First of all Montreal is riding a WAVE OF MOMENTUM. Montreal will win for this reason alone. They have dismantled the lowly Toronto Argos, the ''best'' team in the league. They are now more confident than ever. This Montreal Als team is reminiscent of the 2000 B.C. Lions and the 2001 Calgary Stampeders: two teams that had mediocre seasons but peaked at the only time that REALLY mattered and eventually won the Grey Cup. I see parallels between this Montreal team and those Lions and Stamps teams. Don't even dare to make the argument that the Eskies are also on a hot streak. They've been winning games thanks to blown calls by the refs. IT WILL HAPPEN ESKIE FANS. SO GIVE UP NOW!!!

The Als defense is back and better than ever. They shut down the Roughriders. And they shut down the so-called ''best'' QB in the league in Damon Allen. The Eskimos offense is so overrated and the Als defense will EXPOSE THEM FOR THE FRAUDS THAT THEY ARE.

The Evil Empire has a very questionable secondary. Look at Malcolm Frank. How many times did he get burned against British Columbia?! Come Sunday, Frank will be burned so many times and so will all of the Edmonton secondary. They are nothing but a bunch of turnstyles that will let everyone through. Infact, the Edmonton secondary almost lost the game for Edmonton. But they will DEFINATELY LOSE THE GREY CUP GAME FOR THE ESKIES. Calvillo and his receiving corps will pick them apart. It will be like surgery. NOBODY WILL STOP TERRY VAUGHN AND THE MONTREAL RECEIVING CORPS. NOBODY. You can put the entire 43 man Edmonton roster on the field along with the coaching and football operations staff, management, and Hugh Campbell and they still won't stop the Montreal receiving corps!!! AND DON'T MAKE THE EXCUSE OF ''SHOWBOAT'' MONTFORD bringing pressure. He won't help at all because he is old and slow and Montreal's O-line is FAR SUPERIOR than B.C.'s. On top of that, you can't tell me that Eric Lapointe won't run wild all over your suspect defense. He'll be voted Most Outstanding Canadian of the Game with over 100 yards rushing. And with Calvillo leading the attack, there is NO WAY MONTREAL WILL LOSE THIS ONE.

Montreal's quarterback situation is stable and Calvillo is the best QB in the league. Maciocia's starting QB is inconsistent at best. Ricky Ray is a walking injuring. This Sunday, THE ONLY COMPLETIONS HE'LL BE MAKING WILL BE TO MONTREAL DEFENDERS. No wait, he'll make one big completion for his team. HE WILL COMPLETE THE DEMISE OF THE EDMONTON ESKIMOS!!! Coach Machoker will be too reluctant to even play that hothead Jason Maas. Oh wait, he will be play him. But only after the Als are up by 25 points in the dying seconds of the 4th quarter. It will be too late....

Speaking of coaches, Montreal has BY FAR THE BETTER HEAD COACH. Don Matthews is more seasoned, more experienced, and more football saavy than Danny Maciocia. Matthews has THE BETTER PLAYERS, BETTER TEAM OVERALL and HE KNOWS HOW TO DIRECT THEM. Don Matthews is the DEAN OF THE CANADIAN FOOTBALL LEAGUE. Maciocia is still a freshman student trying to figure out how to read the lunch menu.
Montreal just wants this one much more than Edmonton. Honestly, the Grey Cup is nothing more than a formality.

Look Edmonton fans. Just give up now. Sports Checks and Foot Lockers all over the city are putting up liquidation sales. 95% off ALL EDMONTON ESKIMOS MERCHANDISE. The city of Edmonton WILL NEVER RECOVER FROM THIS SUNDAY'S IMPENDING LOSS. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Wow someone has some time on their hands, especially to post this in 4 different areas.

Crack is bad kids.

zzzzzzzzzzzz someone is trolling!

Now what happens if they lose? You are going to end up looking like a real idiot. Never guarantee a win.

Im not saying they are going to but I think it will be a close game. key word "think" not "guarunteed".

A guarantee means nothing.

I guarantee the Riders will win the Grey Cup next year!!!


Judging by some of the replies some of the Eskimos are posting, I'm guessing that they have already accepted defeat.

NOT ONE SINGLE ESKIMO FAN HAS COUNTERED WITH A SUCCINCT LOGICAL ARGUMENT. They have resorted instead with name-calling and groundless insults.


My Spidey sense is tingling and it's telling me that StephenMandel is not an ALS fan, or at the very least not an Als fan from Quebec. How do I know. Because in Quebec we don't have Sports Checks, and Foot Locker is Vestiaire Sportif. My hypothesis is that Mr. Mandel is really A) A hater in general of the Eskies, a mortal enemy if you will. A Stamps fan perhaps?? or, B) shockingly, could he be an Eskimo fan in disguise trying to make Als fans look like idiots, all the while trying to jinx the Alouettes into losing the game. Well I'll tell you, I know something about jinxes and the football gods, and they don't take kindly to being tricked. Your attempt at a double reverse jinx is gonna backfire right in the faces of you eskimos. I guarant.... uh never mind.

Amen Esks, I'm an Als Fan but i honestly think that we can call "Merlin" anyone that can predict this one.

I just hope we will get a ball game, Please! Hooo! Please! no blowout!

CFL rocks!

Als Fan

The real Stephen Mendel is the mayor of Edmonton. I'm surprised no one mentioned this yet.

What I am doing is not trolling.
I am not on crack.

I AM STATING FACTS. And nobody wishes to address the FACTS. Instead people reply with meaningless jibberish. It doesn't matter though....With all of the facts that I'm stating, there is only one important fact.

It doesn't matter if it's a close game or a blowout. The results will be the same: THE ALOUETTES WILL WIN THE GREY CUP HANDS DOWN.

Well ive thought long and hard(yes my head hurts) and ive decided
I'll be cheering for the second best team in Alberta.

Go Edmonton Go.

I believe Edmonton is offensively and defensively superior to Montreal.
I'll give Montreal the advantage in special teams and coaching.
All in all it should be a cakewalk for Edmonton as we all know Calvillo's
collar tightens up for big games. Good luck to both teams and lets hope
for a good game.

I disagree, and while you are entitled to your opinion, it is just that. Your opinion. It means very little to me except to something to laugh about. We had Don Matthews here, we got rid of him and won another Grey Cup after that with Danny Maciocia as an offensive co-ordinater. Matter of fact DM was also an OC under the Don's regime practising against the Don's defense and learning all about it. That said, I agree that Montreal should have the edge in coaching because of the Don's experience. I guess it's a good thing that the coaches aren't out on the field executing the plays, no?

As far as the rest of what you are saying, well I hate to burst your bubble but what you are calling logic is nothing more than speculation and wishfull thinking. Do you think the Esks were first in the league against the run because they drew their name out of a hat? Nope, it's cause they used the statistics from actual played games to determine who did the best job. Every other team in the league had the same chance to post better numbers, but fell short. Still want to claim logic when you are calling the defence "suspect". If thats the case, then what does that make the Al's defence?

Eric Lapointe had maybe the half of his life professionally. Can he do it again? We'll see, but I know one thing that's fact. If Edwards was healthy Lapointe would have seen the field on special teams and that's it. Furthermore, if Lapointe was that good a back he would have been starting all year. In fact, he would have siezed his opportunity when Pringle left and grabbed the starting job when they gave him the opportunity, what 3 yrs ago.

If flexing his arms is the extent of Montfords showboating, I can live with that. He sure didn't look old and slow on Sunday, but I agree that Montreal has a better OL. We've seen them and beaten them this year so I really have a tough time believing they are invincible.

I agree with you that Ricky Ray is injured. I wonder whether or not they should start Jason Maas. That is hot topic here in Etown. If you think the quotes from the coaches and players are all bullshit then none of it makes sense. If you have been in the city watching the situation the entire year you have a different perspective. Maciocia claims that his decision was instinctive when he played Maas on Sunday and not planned. Maas says that he was reluctant to go in. Bottom line is that the Esks won the game so it is pretty tough to second guess that decision at this point in time.

Edmonton does have just momentum going into this game no matter what you say. They won two tough playoff games on the road in hostile enviroments. Doing this brought an already tight team even closer. They are a veteran packed team with something to prove. Remember the saying, "good teams find a way to win"? No matter what anyone says, that is what happened. Are they a better team than BC and Cagary? An argument can be made that they are no better, but they are a good team and got the job done when it mattered the most.

As far as recovering, I wish you well in your fight against the demons that so obviously are haunting your brain. Edmonton will be in it's third Grey Cup in the last four years with a chance to win yet another title. How did they recover from losing the last one they played against Montreal? They went out and won it the next year. Who was the QB they lost and ultimately won it with? Ricky Ray.


Garanteeing victories is as dumb as celebrating a first quarter touchdown with popcorn.

Knowledge or information based on real occurrences: an account based on fact.

It it hasn't happened yet it is not a fact.

I think he is an Eskie fan trying to imitate my call during the Tor Mtl game.
Sorry dude it only works once. :lol:

The guy is just trying to put a "jinx" on the Al's....sorry it won't work, as I already sacrificed my Touché doll ! :wink:

Edm will win because they are .. Edmonton. Sounds like a logical fallacy, but they are just too good.. Superior physically, mentally, coaching, administratively... Great combo of youth and experience.. and they'll get stronger in the off-season, too, with free agents. Not great for parity and interest, but that's the way it is.

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You forgot 3rd place in the west

Edm is so talented, they really CAN turn it off and on.. thus, the lapses and losses to Hamilton & Sask and Calgary.. the rallies to win.. i wouldn't advise other teams try it, but as i say, Edm is just SO talented and excellent overall..they can get away with it