MONTREAL will win the 2006 GREY CUP!

I have been accused at times of hating , MONTREAL.

I don't hate teams. I don't mind losing fairly to a better team. MONTREAL , was a better team than TORONTO was this year.

Mostly every one and their mother thinks that B.C. is going to distroy MONTREAL on Sunday.

It is never quite that simple. :wink:

Did B.C. , have the CFL's best record , YES.

Did B.C. , almost sweep the CFL PLAYER AWARDS , YES.

Did B.C. , kill MONTREAL in almost every game this year , YES.

Should MONTREAL concede this game now? NO WAY! :thup:

B.C. , does have some weaknesses.

WALLY : He doesn't make the best discions in close games.


It will motivate the MONTREAL players and could give some of the B.C. players a big head!
Players are like us and have feelings.They also read the news papers.

MONTREAL : Is a much better team now than when they played B.C. before.They just seem more relaxed under JIM , than under THE DON.

Montreal has one of the best 0-LINES and D-LINES in all of the CFL. Most of them are back and healthy.

A.C. : He has something too prove as does all of MONTREAL.

MONTREAL , are also due to win.


THE GREY CUP : Is a 1 game winner take all event.

It is not like a team with a better season record hasn't lost before in the big game.

In 2005 who would have thought that EDMONTON would have beat MONTREAL with EDMONTON's season record?

In 1986 , the heavily favoured ESKIMOS were favoured to distroy HAMILTON.


In 1981 , the 5 and 11 OTTAWA ROUGH RIDERS almost beat EDMONTON and had a 20 point lead at half time.

In 1994 , the heavily favoured BALTIMORE lost to B.C.

These are just some examples.

Now things could turn out excactly the way the experts say , BUT some how I dought that.

That , to me , is what makes THE GREY CUP so special.
Any one can win it regardless of past defeats and/or past glories. :thup:

HOPEFULLY , it will be another barn burner like it was last year. :o :thup: :rockin:


what he said! :thup:

BC will be 2006 Grey Cup Champs. Mark my words.

I just hope that it is a great game with so many people watching it on T.V , WORLD WIDE. :thup:

And the game is a sell out :thup:

I'll actually be having a Grey Cup party here in Ohio! So here's to a great game no matter what...and exposing more people to the BEST form of Football ON EARTH! :rockin:

Well let's just hope your wrong , hellothere.

BC fans aren't worried. Our team's got things in check. How did we respond to trash talking? We came out and let our play do the talking. Nothing's going to anyone's heads...this team wins because they are just that - A TEAM. A brotherhood. Noone's crashing this party...we're going all the way.

You make a good point hellothere. I was listening to the Team 990 this evening and Gazette beat writer Herb Zurkowsky was on. He said that the Lions had the better QB, the better receivers, and the better defence but because this is the CFL, the Als will probably win :lol: Hey, one game...anything can happen.

What's with this logic of the Lions dominating the CFL and losing? I guess the only thing we can do to prove these naysayers wrong is to demolish the Als tomorrow. Nobody thought we'd dominate the Riders, we did. Nobody expects us to crush the Als tomorrow, but you'll see for yourselves...

Lions Grey Cup 2006.

LionsRoar, I am a big Als fan and believe me, I think that the BC Lions have the far better team. Yes, they are for real. Yes, they should win. However, there will always be teams that lose that 1 game even though they were the best during the season. Just because they were the best team this year does not mean that they will just be handed the trophy. I am just hoping for a good game.

Actually most the experts are saying that the lions would crush the als but upsets do happen

As a diehard Als fan, my head is telling me the Lions will probably win, but my heart refuses to believe it. This is the chance for my Als to erase the memory of that heartbreaking overtime loss last year. We've struggled all year, but none of that will matter if we can bring home the Grey Cup. GO ALS GO!

This is the game that could define DDs career in this league, for all the stats he has put up, he has never lead a team to the ultimate prize. Can he do it, we know Calvillo can, I have a feeling this game is going to be much closer than most think, a last play field goal will decide it.

I understand anything can happen in one game. Good luck to Als fans tomorrow, it should be a great game!

Cheer to the CFL. Go Lions!

If the Als have any chance of winning tomorrow, Robert Edwards has to have a huge game. He will have to get good first down production to set up a lot of 2nd and short situations so Calvillo can convert them to 1st downs. The Als need to sustain drives and keep the BC offence off of the field. If they dont do that, it will be a long day for the Als.

Some good points here, however, the only things I can see that will stop the Lions from winning are:

  1. The premiere Cheap Shot artists in the league, Belli and Philion will bring a particularly dirty brand of play and do whatever they have to do to knock out Dave Dickinson - They won't care about taking a Roughing the Quarterback penalty - as long as they knock DD out of the game - The Refs will have to watch for this and should eject either of them after their first attempt - not to mention they should be fined severely.
  2. Speaking of the Refs, sorry to hear about Jake Ireland - the only worse Refs are Bud Steen and Dave Yule - luckily, the pathetic Dave Yule has seemingly retired (I haven't seen him for a few years). The best Ref in the CFL is Ken Lazaruk. He doesn't carry Ireland's biases. Lazaruk should be the Ref for the 2006 GC.

montreal has plenty of wettenhall's money to pay of the refs to win this game, maybe 100K?

How are my 5 points comming along iceman?

Can the posters in this forum each chip in to pay you to shut up and never post again?

I think that it is sad that some people get their fun hurting others. Have nothing better to do in their lives , than just raining on other people's parades.

They must be very lonely unhappy people. :thdn: