Montreal vs Winnipeg

Who's going to win and why?

My opinion;

Winnipeg 26 Montreal 25
The Bomber defense will keep Calvillo in check and Glenn can't play as lousy as he did in the 4th quarter in Montreal. Winnipeg is tough at home. If Roberts runs for another 100+ yards then Winnipeg will win in a cliff hanger. beat the have to play flawless football...if you get stupid penalties at critical times...ol foxy Calvillo will make you pay...i am confident we'll give them a good run again..Berry would like nothing better than to beat his old boss... and it's gonna take a solid effort...(not 78%) to win this one..nice to be playing at home ...we should fill the house.. :thup:

This is going to be a HUGE game. An early battle for first place. I'm glad it's here in Winnipeg so I can cheer the Bombers on.

If this game does not bring a sellout crowd, well then nothing will.

if it's not a sell out my fellow bomber fans would have let me down.

The Bombers are gonna win...... hope its on tv from winnipeg........ so hope its a seller so i can watch it! we are great at home.

the bombers are just 2 wins shy of matching the wins they had all of last season...impressive turn around!

Montreal will win, and it will because of the strong play of their defence. The pressure on Glenn will be too much for him to tolerate, expect some INT's and maybe a few fumbles. The Montreal offence continues to struggle but manages to get some points up on the board off of the turnovers, and good field position.

MON: 33
WIN: 17

Well, Calvillo hasent been all that spectacular as of late... But it may happen against the Bombers.

I can't see the Als play as bad as last week twice in a row. Then again, I've been wrong before. I'd be more confident if that game was in the birds nest.

Let's say... uhhh....

Montreal : 25
Winnipeg : 19

... in overtime, off a Kevin Glenn interception at the most inappropriate moment !

it will be close, too close to call. if the bombers we're playing any other team i'd put money on the bombers, but against the al's i wouldn't risk it. bombers and al's are easily the best teams in the league, the only games the 2 teams struggled in were the game against each other

Bombers 17 Als 14

Als 24 Bombers 17

The Almighty Als will win this no problem!

I see Bombers winning handily. They're very tough at home. This should be the game that proves to the doubters that they're for real. I'll be there. :thup: :cowboy:

Just a reminder the Als played their worst game at the start of the season but still won. Who was that team? hmmmmmm :lol:

Just barely though. Throw out that 1st game...they were just getting to know each other. This is a confident bunch heading into this game.

Winnipeg played their worst game of the season agains them. Gave up the most sakcs in one game this year and the most picks.

Now red...... dont make me go dig up that post of yours about how the Argos were going to spank us......we all know how that prediction of yours played out....

Dig it up I have nothing to fear! I do not deny I said that! The argo's did well considering their number one QB has not played you. So let see you guys beat Edmonton, the Argo's twice and this makes the Bombers good!

...oh red.. my friend ....that BIG BLACK BIRD getting closer and closer to your main're starting to back track on some of your predicts. already....well wait,,,,it's just a start...singe the feathers a'll be more palatable...ask sambo... :lol: :lol: