Montréal vs Winnipeg

La première partie est jeudi prochain, aussi nous pouvons d'ores et déjà nous y intéresser.

La question qui brûlera les lèvres pour chaque partie des Bou! Bombers est : qui sera le quart finissant?

Pour ma part, étant en début de saison, j'estime que le quart finissant sera Buck Pierce et que le pointage ne sera pas 52-0 Alouettes.

Winnipeg was playing scrubs and third-stringers in both preseason games. They'll be fielding a team of starters just like we will. Regardless of who wins or loses, the score won't be 52-0.

Outre toutes les questions soulevées pour les Alouettes, ma première interrogation va vers la ligne offensive des Bou! Bombers.

Cette ligne a connu toutes sortes de difficultés l'an dernier, et a vraiment manqué de constance. C'est un point névralgique pour une équipe qui a un quart-arrière qui n'a jamais joué une saison complète et des substituts toujours aussi verts.

Leur ligne devrait être composée de Sorensen, Morley, Swiston (Greaves?), Douglas et January. Ce sont de gros gaillards qui ont eu toute une saison l'an dernier pour se familiariser. Quelle amélioration auront-ils réellement réalisée sera la clé de la saison des Bou! Bombers.

Not that anyone here would complain if it was. :smiley:

There will be a viewing party at Station des Sports 5773 Taschereau in Brossard for anyone who is interested to watch the game in a group. The more the merrier.

You can try to guess the final score and win a prize.

Not sure I'd want to go to Brossard even if I were still living in Montreal! :smiley: :smiley: :twisted:

Je serai content si:

AC ne se blesse pas,
Les unités spéciales n'accordent pas de touché, et
La défense ne donne pas des gros jeux comme l'an dernier

Je pense qu'il va falloir être patient, je ne m'attends pas à une victoire au tout début de cette saison.

This is a gift for Richard

The Als depth chart is on Twitter before it hits the team's website LOL !

[url=] ... 15/photo/1[/url]

Brown listed ahead of Gainey. Gah. I hope that's just a cut and paste error.

Ce qu’on peut lire de cet alignement :

  1. L’équipe de receveurs fait peur.

  2. La ligne offensive demeure de premier plan.

  3. Le jeu au sol demeure une énigme.

  4. La ligne défensive n’est pas impressionnante.

  5. Les secondeurs sont d’excellents joueurs.

  6. Beaucoup de talent sur la tertiaire.

  7. On va perdre des échanges sur les dégagements.

  8. Va falloir prier très fort pour les retours de bottés et les couvertures de bottés.

  9. Go Alouettes!

Will be interesting to see the 4 players-3 Imports and 1 Non-import- that won't dress for tomorrow's game.

If I OL Ola dresses, N Matte will be the 1 N not dressing/playing. If Ola is out,Matte will be in and a Non-import DB -Carter- or LB Verdone won't play.

Import WR Tyron Carrier will probably not play/dress.

2 Imports amongst DT Moton Hopkins, LB Winston Venable and DBs Jerald Brown or Ed Gainey. Only 1 if Ola does not dress.

My feeling:

Non-import OL Matte won't dress.
Import WR Tyron Carrier won't dress.
Import DT Moton Hopkins won't dress.
Import LB/S Winston Venable or Import DB Jerald Brown won't dress.


I think they will dress Carrier. He backs up two positions and if Devine goes down or does poorly returning kicks we have nobody.

Moton didn't travel with the team... So there is part of your answer Richard.

Deslaures is listed as the only NI receiver. The diference between this year and last is that safety is the 7th NI spot so the Als could use 5 import receivers. I am curious to see how they will play it and how much offense Devine may play out of the hybrid spot as Bruce is also listed as a WR.

The less he plays the better.

What's with Hopkins not traveling with the team? Is he injured, or do they like Berry that much?

If Carrier does dress, then Ola will be out and Matte in; N CB Michael Carter would be out. The Imports out would then be:

I T Michael Ola
I DT Moton Hopkins
I S/LB Winston Venable.


I think Venable, Hopkins, Carter will be out, the last one I have no idea.

Probably the best opening day match up both teams could ask for. Both defenses are suspect Montreal coming out of last season and Winnipeg coming into this season with changes being made in coaching and personal.
Regardless of who is coach or what kind of offense they need to learn Montreal still has the horses on Offense I do not think anyone can dispute that. I Starts with the best Oline and the factory that creates them year in and year out along as AC does not have a major injury to his throwing arm he could play forever because no one can get a hand on him.
The only way that Winnipeg can defend that is to contol the ball on offense and keep the ball away from the Montreal O with the running game and screen passes and a play action once in awhile hoping for a big play to Mathews. If Mathews indeed is as questionable as the Bombers are leading on they could have trouble putting point on the board.
The one thing that the Bombers will know on defense is that no matter what offense the Als run if Deslares is on the field a lot he is an easy one on one coverage.

A heavy dose of Simpson Ford one two punch and if either Volney or Woodson can contribute as well they could were the Montreal D down.
Montreal could also due the same should they get the early lead with Jennings behind the Best Oline and strategic use of Devine as a change up back or out of the hybrid RB/SB position.
The Muamba Brothers will need to come up big on defense

Popp is on tsn690 now

The Bombers depth chart is out and again a big ? at Sam LB. Starting will be Desia Dunn who is in his first CFL season and also only his second pro season anywhere. His only pro experience being in NFL training camp and in the Arena Football league.
This could be big trouble for the BBs if he has to match up with either Richardson or Green out of the slot and the 3rd SB could very well be Bruce. Consolation would be if Deslaures is lined up at WR an easy single coverage for either of the Bombers CBs so he could get help needed.
trouble again at SAM with Sears out on the IR

In Winnipeg at present. . .same hotel as the Als.

So far, we've met and chatted with Doug Berry, Mark Nelson, AC, Kristian Matte, Jamel Richardson, SJ Green, Scott Flory, EJ Kuale, and, believe it or not, at dinner today, in the same restaurant, was one Mike Kelly (we met him too and had a fun chat)