Montreal vs Winnipeg Rematch

It's pretty funny watching some Bomber fans march around like their team had a fantastic game. :lol:

Fact is, both teams were abysmal on offense, and likewise, both teams had stellar defense. Regardless who won, whether it was the Bombers or the Als, neither team deserved to win.

I think we can leave comments like these out of the discussion. :wink:

WHO ? Are D was great , Buck was awful. Fairly simple !

These two in particular.

Unlike them, most Blue Bomber fans (like yourself) will agree that the Blue Bombers left a lot to be desired. And likewise, as an Alouette fan, I expect a lot more from my team as well after that disappointing performance. But these two do nothing but slam on other teams, and make their own team out to be phenomenal. And truly, it’s getting old, and it’s beyond annoying.


Any win in Montreal is a thing of beauty.

Funny. I've been subjected to Bomber bashing on this board for over a decade, but some posters have their panties in a knot because of one game? As long as your trolls do what they do, so will I. Just be glad I don't bring it to your board (for now :smiley: )
And if you didn't think the Bombers outplayed the Al's, I don't know what to say........

I think the Tiger Cats fans are the worst for Bomber bashing, can't remember their names right now... they know who they are. But to be fair, I'll give it right back to them :slight_smile:

All in good fun.

See, I don't even get that one. I mean the cats are so irrelevant, what would anyone care about what their fans think? :stuck_out_tongue:

Not an overly exciting game by any means. I thought both teams had their moments in the season opener, and both teams looked awful at times in this game. Credit to the Bombers defense, it's tough to hold an opponent that long without scoring when you turn the ball over 5 times.

It's pretty funny watching people act like defenses don't count when earning wins.

Win a game 45-35 and your team is fantastic, a juggernaut and the league should be pretty darn scared. Win a game 19-11 and your team sucks but the other team sucked more. Seems like a common attitude among fans to give a team full credit for a win if their offense wins them the game, even if their defense stunk ... but once a defense wins the game for you when the offense stinks, they don't deserve it.

Remember they DID have a 105 yard scoring drive so it wasn't like the offense stunk up the joint all game. The Bomber offense has a long way to go and the Bombers certainly didn't have a fantastic game, but they did have a fantastic game defensively and a good game overall. To say neither team deserved to win is ridiculous.

It's the offense's job to put points on the board, not the defense's. A team deserves to win when they play well on all facets of the game. I mean, the Blue Bombers won because they were the better team last night, I don't want you to think I'm taking away from their win. But if a win is reliant entirely on one phase of the game, whether it be offense or defense, then I would say it was an ill-deserved win. A team has to come together, and both teams could only deliver half the package.

You don't have to agree, this is just what I think, but I want great things from my team. In the end, a win is a win, and a loss is a loss, but if you got that win by the hairs of your teeth, it means at least one phase was undeserving.