Montreal vs Winnipeg Rematch

AC is a pretty classy guy, and generally doesn't say much for harsh words. He was obviously disgusted. Looked to me like it was a slap in the coaching staff's face more than anything...just in a manor that would limit repercussions. Perhaps it is bitter disappointment with how things are looking in the big picture, perhaps it is a leader trying to light a fire, but look at the mans history...he simply does not do this type of thing.

I thought the new HC was a bad fit and these comments by AC seem to bear that out. AC does not call out his teammates let alone the coaching staff. His post game comments sound to me like they're directed squarely at the new HC. who goes...the coach...or the player(s)...seems to me there's a bit of conflict a brewin' in Mont....Anthony has been around CFL football for a long time ..If he throws the coach under the bus it's for a good reason.....orrrrr through all of this...looking at it from a dif. angle... maybe....just maybe Wpgs. defence has been severely under-rated... :wink:

I don't think anyone seems to be saying that the Bombers don't have a good D, it has been their glue the past couple of seasons.

Look at Montreal though...30, 34, 34, 35 and 22 sacks surrendered over the past 5 seasons...a 31 sack against average. They have given up 11 in 2 games. That equates to more than tripling the average. Sorry, no DL would have done that to the Als in the last half decade...heck probably the last decade. The bombers have a good D, but it is not the best in the last decade.

There are issues in Montreal. Now, it may be something that irons out, but to see AC lash out like that raises concerns, and hey, that may have been his point.

It is a new coaching staff, new to the CFL...the ST Coordinator, OL coach, DL Coach, WR coach, RB coach, OC and HC have a grand total of ZERO CFL / Canadian football experience (okay...2 games now). Also, the DC has great experience, but only 2 as a DC and that was at CIS level. That is a whole pile of new to the game coaches! hire a new HC with no CFL experience. Now, I see nothing wrong with that, so long as he surrounds himself with knowledgeable people (ie Trestman). His adviser is Doug Berry...perhaps not the greatest choice, also not the worst. I think the coaching staff could be good in time (they seem like an overall solid group), but I also think it is going to take most of the season to get accustomed to the Canadian game. You could see that in a lot of their schemes with little outside dumps...the CFL is built on fast outside LBs because of the wider fields, so if that is your bread and butter, you are in trouble.

No DL in the last 5-10 years?

9 in a 2-game stretch in 2011 including 6 in one game. It's not 11 but it's not much different.

And it might be the best D in the last decade. I don't recall many teams having a +5 turnover advantage through three quarters and only having 4 points. Not all the defense, fair, but it's certainly not all the offense. Yeah, there's a long way to go before they can be included in any discussion among the best defenses in the last decade, but if they play like they just did on a regular basis they will be. I'm not saying they are, I'm just saying they you don't know right now that they aren't.

dude, these guys on this site are so anti winnipeg everything, you are better off slamming your head against a wall.

see all the topics related to the bombers on here? these guys would have you believe they know more about them then their own fans do.

fact is, if anyone on these boards say something about the bombers, reality is... its because they are anti winnipeg and anti blue bomber, never give credit where credit is due.. NEVER. these guys are experts dont you know, experts who sit on their couches and never leave their basements... the NERDS of the CFL fans.

its best to just slam your head up against a wall... cuz eventually that wall will start to crack... these guys on here all anti winnipeg and anti bombers everything, WILL NEVER GIVE CREDIT where credit is due. NEVER.

they very well could be the best D in the last decade but... dont tell it to the people on this site cuz regardless of what the bombers do, they never get any respect on these boards.. EVER.

Oh look, Mr Persecution Complex is back! I guess all the posts in this thread about how well the D did are obviously somehow anti-Winnipeg. :roll:

When people were talking about how Winnipeg sucked, all you could do was complain. Now they're talking about how Montreal sucks, and you're STILL complaining about how that's actually mean to Winnipeg?

Prima dona definition: a vain or undisciplined person who finds it difficult to work under direction or as part of a team .

His frustrations, blaming everyone but himself, thinking he is above the team, and his refusal of buying into this new system, how is that not a prima dona? IMO he is tarnishing his reputation. Suck it up buttercup, buy in and try to help your coaches out :thdn:

To put this game into perspective, remember the Labourday blow out the Bombers had last year? Well, they still put up more yards than the Al's did yesterday!

Winnipeg's Defense was dominating and if not for Buck they win both games easily. Montreal may be in for a long season, if Buck actually plays well , Winnipeg will be a tough team to play against !

Wow... I didn't see this game last night, but from all accounts, fairly sloppy game from both sides... that is why the CFL game is so great, you just never know what will happen.... congrats to the Bombers for the win.

Of the 6 teams involved last night, Bombers' D was great. Their ST was probably 2nd best.

Yes yes...EVERYONE else is wrong and you are right.
Because the Bombers are not someone's primary team to cheer for they don't have a sniff huh?
This from the same person who came onto the Rider forum and slammed the Rider fans for their opinion that picking up Hefney was not worth it a few weeks back...does that mean that you are lumping yourself in as "an expert who sits on their couch and never leaves their basement... the NERD of the CFL fan?"
Clearly it must.
Pretty hypocritical...but it mustn't count for some reason I am sure.

I myself have said that the Bomber D is good, though I do not feel it is the best D that they have have in the few years. I have also said that if buck can stay healthy and get a few games he could be a great weapon. If the Bombers O can look anywhere near what it did a few years back when buck just destroyed teams the first 3 games, prior to injury, they will be a damned tough team to beat.

Wow, I swear you were talking about Dummer_boy and HfxUFC :roll:

There are a lot of people blaming the Montreal O-line which is warranted but a younger Calvillo would not have held onto the ball as long. Although there were a couple of times Calvillo looked not too bad, for most of the game, he looked like an old quarterback teetering on the down side of the hilltop.

Primadonna?!! Guess AC needs to play the O line positions as well. :wink:

How do you explain the run game or lack there of? Whitaker 10 carries for 33 yards. Is that fall on AC or would you say the o line?!

What QB likes to get hit??!!!! :roll:

In the past Montreal ran a timing offense with a lot of very fast plays, making it hard to actually get to Calvillo (particularly behind the all-star O Line they had for so many years). They seem to be running a new playbook this year with plays that take more time to develop, and with the total dominance by Winnipeg's D Line, that was all she wrote.

Manipulative: to change by artful or unfair means so as to serve one's purpose

Try listening to the entire quote; "Overall it was a disgusting performance on our offense period. From players, coaching staff, was disgusting."

Last time I looked AC was still a player on the offense.