Montreal vs Winnipeg Rematch

I'm still awake. Lol.

So far it looks like Hamilton and Toronto are all offence, while Montreal and Winnipeg are all defence and no offence

A match between two really bad teams. It almost looks like a preview of who won't be making the playoffs this year...

How much of the Alouettes success is owed to having Marc Trestman as head coach these last five years? Apparently all of it...

Before this latest drive, i found myself wondering where Greene and Richardson have been all game.
Then...BANG. TD.
A little too late?

LOL.. Winnipig can't give this game away fast enough!!

Bombers are doing everything to give this game away, but the Als just don't seem to want it.

Not too late by far. However if Montreal does pull this out, I'll be forced to say something I haven't said in years: Montreal didn't deserve to win this one.

I had to step out. How many sacks does that make? Did we get to double-digits? :o

Edit: Damn. They just said 7th. :frowning:

That's all she wrote.
1-1 for each.
Toronto can take the division lead tonight.

Well, except for all the Don Matthews years.

Trestman was a good coach, but last years Al’s team was showing a lot of signs of what we’re seeing this year. They have a lot of guys who are getting older and slowing down. The O Line in particular was really good for a really long time, and I really don’t think a head coaching change could suddenly make it bad.

I know it is tough to win both in a home and away but oye...

Bombers D looked good, but that Als OL was horrid...their give a F factor never seemed to arrive until 5 minutes left. To me, it looked like the Als OL was still on 2 a days or something.

What was it...5-1 in turnovers and a loss...don't see that often!

As for the overturn on replay...I am left scratching my head a bit

And yes, the Bombers D looks good, BUT, 3 men and AC still got sacked in 2 seconds! I don't care how good the DL is...they have given up 1/3 of their sack tally from a season ago in only 2 games!

When you leave AC in there for the entire game and he has not had any success making things happen, HC should have made a change. Do something to make something happen.
Bombers D took it to them tonight and they deserve the win.

When you have a prima dona QB and a rookie head coach, how can you pull him?
Gonna be some tough times for Montreal fans very soon.

Hey Richard - where’s the yardage stat?

what about the years before trestman?

prima dona like hell.

Did you see his little hissy fits when he threw the ball no where near a receiver? Or how he would hit the ground like he was shot after every hit on him? It’s no secret that he doesn’t like to get “bumped”. Actually I think he wanted to get pulled.

Winnipeg owns the stats by more than twice as much than Montreal. Enjoy the win Blue Bomber fans - much deserved.
Winnipeg net yards… 350
Montreal… 161

That was a just plain awful game. Montreal's offensive line was non-existent it seemed and there were definite timing issues with AC and his receivers. Conversely, how do you let a team win after they've given up that many turnovers?

Had some harsh words for his teammates and coaches afterwards. Funny, you'll never hear anyone talk bad about him after he blows a game.