Montreal vs Winnipeg Rematch

everyone outside of Winnipeg. haha.
i want the bombers to win, i just don't think it will happen. we'll see how the rest of this one plays out.

Case in point. :rockin:

7 minutes into the third and not even a rouge. :lol: Great game if you like defence. :thup:

An o-line as bad as ours...

Hilarious that the defence scores the only points in this quarter so far. Also, another mediocre night for Buck. Not a bad completion percentage, but multiple turnovers.

Edit: Lame! They take away the only points scored in this quarter. :lol:


Question: what did Anthony Calvillo ever do to Coach Hawkins? That Alouette offence looks deliberately set up to make Calvillo retire. Horrible.

Nice :thup:

1 quarter to go. Who wants it more?

Bombers Dline owning Montreal's line. :rockin:

Hard to look good when you're spending so much time on your back. Montreal's OL might actually be worse than Edmonton's. :lol:

Those are some interesting stats. Montreal's averaging 1.33 first downs per quarter, yet the TOP is pretty close.

Buck’s actually played one of the smarter games I’ve seen him. And that last fumble was Goltz, not Buck.

My wife also pointed out that she couldn't see any fans with Al's jerseys. Where's the support? :thdn:

Double-digit sacks, calling it now!

Neither of these teams look very strong right now. Almost lucky they are playing each other.

I couldn't help myself. :smiley:

This feels like a NFL game.........ugly!!!

Yup, BP gives the Bummers the best chance to win :roll:

Man I did not miss much of a game here, more excitement at work

No one appreciates a good defensive game anymore :frowning:

East is wide open this year.

Well, last week Montreal got the win and didn't look all that great doing it. With the Goltz TD just now, Winnipeg looks like they've got a good shot at doing the same.

Total shutdown by the D so far. O has some work to do, but if they can get the win it's something they can build on.