Montreal vs Toronto

Good luck, Blue. Looking forward to the battle for first tonight and hoping to see AC on his back most of the night.

I think it will be Joseph on his back,hopefully!!!!!!!!

After Montreal Beat you .
See you in 18 Days back in Hamilton.
For 2nd Place.

its incredible just how bad the east is…either Winnipeg,Hamilton or Toronto will host a playoff game with a record well below .500 (unless a team turns it around)

Montreal will represent the East in the GC.

That game was ugly with a capital U.
The defense gave it the old college try but finally ran out of gas in the 4th quarter. Very hot and humid inside the dome when its closed. But this defense has got old overnight.
Steinhauer is still playing at a high level. Parker, Brown and Eiben as well. The rest? its time to start replacing parts.

The OL was overmatched much of the night by the Als. Time to bring in two good American tackles and move Ramsey over to left guard. Old Jude looks like he's at the end of the line.
A lot of poor throws tonight by both Joseph and Bishop, maybe in part because they were hurried too much.

We got beat and out coached by a better team tonight.

On the qb front, trying to be objective as we can. While it`s true neither qb was stellar, at least Bishop managed to take the team to a offensive td, which btw happened to also be a passing td. Yes he also had the int!!

Who had the most right on passes, that where in the hands of the receiver or on the number, that where dropped? Its obvious it was Bishop.

At any rate Joseph has not played well enough to unseat Bishop as the starter.

It is time to atleast give Bishop one entire game to play, just one frickon start from beggining to end! That has to include getting the majority 95% reps in preparation for the game. That is really not to much to ask, one game where he can make some mistakes etc without pressure of being pulled.

Bishops head has been messed with, so yes he is a bit damaged from the experience of this year, a QB`s ego is a delicate thing.

Both the Argos and Ticats are Reverse Images of Each Other.

Toronto loaded with Vets but not enought Youth
Hamilton loaded with Youth but not enought Vets

That was a long drive home last night. Not very much to cheer about at all. The “D” played a pretty good game considering the number of 3 and outs the offense came up with. The Argo receivers dropped the ball, literally! A terrible showing by the Argos.

The one positive note was that so many people left at the end of the 3rd quarter it was easy to make our way down to Union Stn.

Going into the bi-week you have to ask yourself which team has more promise.
In spite of the one game difference I would give the edge to Hamilton over Toronto.

The Argo receivers should be ashamed of themselves. The number of catchable balls dropped was shocking, especially for a team desperate for a win playing in front of their fans at home. If I didn't know better, I'd say that they were intentionally dropping balls to get Buratto fired!

If I'm Stubler, I start Bishop next game no questions asked, and I beat the living tar out of Robinson, Talbot, Bruce, and Cenoute until they understand that they HAVE to make catches for their quarterback.

I agree with you 100% on Bishop, however I do not think there is a chance in Hades that it will happen. I really do not think that Stubler has the authority to start Bishop, especially coming out of the bye week. I just do not see Pinball allowing Bishop the chance, ie including the majority of reps going into the game as the starter etc.

NOT A CHANCE unfortunately....I pray that I am wrong!!!

Argofanone, does Pinball really still have that clout? It's hard to imagine that Stubler, the head coach, does not have the power to choose which QB should start a game! He yanked Joseph in the second half of last night's game, so he must have the authority.

Well if you believe the reports up until now, its uncertain what authority Stubler has. Its one thing to put your other qb in at half time, but to start the backup and give him majority of reps going in to a game against their known wishes??? I do not know?

We do know this (others will soon argue otherwise) Stubler was ready to start Bishop in game 2 , several sourses now confirm that Joseph stomped out of the meeting and went straight to Pinball who reversed the order of the coach.

Did you not wonder why the coaches plan of rotating qbs just vanished in to thin air? That was axed by Pinball/owners.

Stubler is only a puppet coach where his qb`s are concerned...IMHO that is. With acception of half time adjustment.

Pinball/owners would not be happy if Stubler announced Monday that Bishop would get the next start coming out of the bye week. I think that decision has been taken away from him. And Stubler is the guy that stated the reason he has never taken a HC job was because he always was up front that he would have total control of his players, when they played and when they sat. Seems he was assured that would be the case in Toronto.

So much for that!

Wow, I really hope what you're saying is not true, for the sake of your team. That is one mess of a power structure if Pinball and Rita are forcing Stubler to make on-field decisions against his will.

I never said Rita

So just Pinball?

No, Pinball/owners imho :slight_smile:

Everybody was fine going in to this season with Bishop as the starter. The owners where content to stay the course. It was Pinball that persuaded the owners to get Joseph, this much has been documented. Rita and Stubler where both in the dark on the Joseph situation, they where never consulted.

I don't understand why Pinball would interfere, and still less why ownership would emasculate their GM and new head coach by letting Pinball dictate who to trade for.

To me, there was no reason to get a new QB. Bishop was really turning the corner. Where you needed help was at receiver, in the backfield, and on the defensive side of the ball, where some of your vets are getting a bit long in the tooth.

Rita is the only sane one in the bunch. Mohns couldn't spot talent if it hit him in the face with a sledge hammer. Pinball was incredibly stupid to pull that trade for Joseph and then give him nobody to thrown the ball to.

The owners judgement got clouded by the Bills thing...