Montréal vs. Sask - Sep 29

It's half-time. Riders are doing well in all three facets of the game. But, with all due respect to Montréal, I just don't have the sense that they are the same test as, say, BC and Winnipeg are; i.e. not the same calibre. So while I am pleased, it has to be with a grain of salt.

All the same, Fantuz is stepping up this game and last, just as everyone said he had to when MD got injured - over 110 yds in the first half alone.

We were fortunate not to be intercepted on the Flick TD, but given that Cox didn't intercept, Flick showed good concentration to come up with the catch after the tip.

I'm a bit concerned about the running game - we are becoming the one-dimensional passing team that people feared we would be when it was confirmed that Austin would be head coach.

Turnovers in first quarter had me worried but defence held - we gotta stop that though.

Second half to come ...

Solid defence but we need better from Joseph. Until part way through the 2nd quarter, he just didn't seem like he was on the ball. Much better and sharper since then (interesting how that change took place right after he took off on a QB sneak.) Like everyone says, in order to win with Joseph at QB, we need him to run.

Hello Sask fans from a Wpg fan, Your game with the Al's is looking good. I hope you guys win. I hope we win today, It would be awesome to have a Sask/Wpg Grey Cup

Huge win. Solid D. Looks like the Gordon move calmed down the other DB's. Great game by Fantusz and now that Holmes is getting mixed into the offense, we should be able to go on another run. Yay.

Game over and another W. On one hand, we dominated but I wouldn't call it awe-inpiring. Having said that, I'll take it any time.

cflwpg - we'll do our part, your team should be able to do theirs!!

"Great play by Neil Szarka". Christ Greg Frers is an idiot.

Austin has to be willing to pull KJ when he is struggling! THere is something wrong with Joseph, and it is affecting his play! We are fortunate that our D kept Montreal's offense on the bench! Thank you Rider D!!

Couldn't agree more. The D has not been up to par for several weeks. MUCH better effort today. We got some pressure up front, and didn't give up much in the secondary.

Fantuz - 2 straight games he has stepped up. It's good to see he is back on track.

What about the wind factor?? I was at the game it was windy and today nobody scored into the wind I think it was bennifical that we got wind with us back to back I know its not why we won the game but I believe it was a factor

Montreal scored 10 points into the wind

Kerry Joseph was off on a couple of throws, but his scrambling ability enabled him to make some decent plays as well. We all knew that is what kind of QB he was when we got him: athletic but maddenly inaccurate at times.
I am happier with the defense but part of the problem with our DB's is they have to cover too long because of poor pressure on the QB. Schultz's 1st sack of the season is a sign of just how poorly he has played thus far. Maybe "Pudge" should pull some muscle this week at some all you can eat food buffet so we can take a look at Brent Curvey. From what I have read about him online, he sounds impressive. A bigger version of Winnipeg's Haywood.

500yds of offense and KJ is struggling? What game were you watching?????


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