Montreal vs. Hamilton - Who cares?

Is no one watching this game right now? I know it's between two teams that are playing like garbage right now, but come on. :lol:

the real story here is, how good hamilton looks against montreal.

any other team woulda had this game over with at the end of the 1st quarter...montreal is only up by 9 at the half....and hamilton missed a FG that woulda had them within 6 ( not to mention the 2 picks hamilton shoulda had if not for butter fingers ).

this shows how bad montreal is.

This is not a bad game, 19-10, better than the blowouts weve seen last couple of days. If not for the Edmonton-Winnipeg game, this could be the game of the week.

edmonton - winnipeg was boring...until the 4th.

this game is already game of the week...IMO

Well Calvillo joined the 50,000 club. :thup:

Cheif anything is better then the Stamps?argo game or BC/Rider game do you not think. CFL football regardless of the teams that are playing is worth watching with the exception of the two mentioned OUch I am still hurting I need to see Dr Phil.

Uh,Oh!!! QB contriversy in Hamilton now??? :roll:

Tiger cats get their first win tonight my prediction!

TD tiger cats yahooo!

montreal really stinks.

they are making hamilton look good.

hamilton dropped 2 easy picks, ralph dropped numourus perfect passes, and the kicker missed a FG…and a gazillion yards in penalties.

the als didnt beat the ticats…the ticats beat the ticats.

You sound like Henry Burris..... :wink:

Hamilton is showing improvement at least. They were actually in this game until the last minute. They have a reason to at least have some confidence that they can score. Lumsden looked pretty good, Chang too, though Chang appeared to make some rookie mistakes. I kinda doubt that Montréal is as bad as they have started out to be but they probably do make Hamilton look better than they are. Still, Hamilton should get something constructive from this game.

Those definitely looked like some easy picks. Too bad they couldn't hold on.

I thought it was a tad ridiculous how Chang asked the coach if he could start tonight. Good enthusiasm, but c'mon, this is only the 3rd game. Seems a little too eager.

I thought the Cats played a good game even though they lost. The same things are killing them again-- penalties and turnovers and mental errors. The offside on the kickoff was a killer for them, they could have had the football, but instead had to re-kick. This was a game they should have won.

Yeah for sure Sambo. Those are some real slap-head blunders. This was their fifth game too. The bingo callers were talking about instituting fines for stupid penalties. Not sure if that would help or not. It could backfire if it takes their aggression out of the game. Still they have to do something to get them to play with some discipline.

Speaking as an Als fan, I have to say that we are quite lucky to have won tonight. The Tiger-Cats really beat themselves with penalties. Meanwhile, our offense was just as bland and predictable as ever, while our defense kept getting burned for big plays and couldn't stop the run. We're going to get slaughtered next week.

The second half was a pretty entertaining game, Hamilton definitely didn't help their cause with penalties and turnovers. I have to say that I grow less and less impressed with the decissions Mass makes from game to game. Chang may be raw but he definitely has more upside, you hate to throw a guy into the fire but what choice is there ?

Maas doesn't have it. That INT was brutal and just broke the backs of the Hamilton team. Not sure what he was thinking but a veteran QB should know better than to stare down his target from the moment the ball is snapped. Any safety worth his salt is going to read your eyes and move on the ball. That was embarrassing.

Chang deserves to start next week.

Speaking as a Ticat fan, I have to say I disagree. The Cats should continue what they're doing with their quarterbacks: start Maas, but give Chang significant playing time in every game. The better Maas does, the longer you leave him in.

The Ticats were moving the ball well last night under Maas, throwing passes of more than a few yards for the first time this year. That was the difference. The Als weren't able to stack all twelve defenders within ten yards of the line of scrimmage; they were stretched out more, allowing for a lot more first downs and ultimately, a lot more points.

I don't want Chang to start until he's absolutely ready. We had another young QB a while back who got thrown to the wolves too soon, and all that accomplished were some losing seasons and having the guy run out of town on a rail, only to catch on with another team. You guys probably know that quarterback: he surpassed the 50,000-yard passing mark last night.

Touché, Big Dave, but my other concern is Maas's health. Is he really 100% or is he playing through pain because he doesn't want to let his team down? If he's healthy, ok, fine, start him. But if he's banged up, it does nobody any good to keep starting him and pulling him when he's ineffective.