Montreal vs Hamilton June 14th.

A bad snap gives the Als good field position and then a penalty in the endzone puts the ball on the one

OK, I will chat here.

TD ALs after the PI.

Losing the field position game here. Fumble by Lamar, then high snap on the punt. Sigh.

Without the game being televised, there won't be any challenges. Sounds like that PI call on Stewart might have been challenged as he was apparently making a play for the ball. Oh well.

Als 7, Cats 0.

7-0 Als

An actual game thread has materialized at viewtopic.php?f=5&t=90207&start=0 ...see you there!

Montreal scores first 7-0 for them

Where is everyone today? Is there no one out here this game?

I am here from Montreal. :slight_smile: I guess a lot of folks are amazed there is actually a CFL game in Hamilton proper. Glad that the Cats are home. :slight_smile:


The Ti-Cats can boast that they sold out a pre-season game. Potentially every game could be sold out this year.
If the radio can get out of pre-season mode it would also be better

Two threads. I think we're all here now. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, CHML seems to be having some technical problems.

Cats are on the Als 1 after a PI. We need to punch this in.

LeFevour scores the TD!

7-7 now, end of one quarter.

It wasn't pretty but it still counts

7 - 7

It appears others are using the other thread

Who is calling the plays for the Als? Marsh and Brink and firing blanks, so all is good!

TWTC, I told folks that this thread was up in the other one.

Post Calvillo, is not looking good for Montreal

Not a game to write home about but it's what's expected in exhibition

I think Troy Smith is head and shoulders above the other Als QBs. That said, their line is in transition (Scott Flory will be missed) and firing the OC (Worman) in training camp is not a good sign.

Yeah, preseason is to see who can play in a situation where team cohesion is not really to be expected.

I believe the Als, will be a mess offensively. I think it will be Montreal and Ottawa fighting it out for the final playoff spot in the east this year

One positive sign so far is Medlock's kickoff depth. We should really benefit from the added yardage he can provide.